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Reading: The Journey of a Migrant: Temple Run Episode five Life in Libya
Reading: The Journey of a Migrant: Temple Run Episode five Life in Libya

The Journey of a Migrant: Temple Run Episode five Life in Libya

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Mohamed Mansaray Mansaray
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The Journey of a Migrant: Temple Run Episodes five Life in Libya

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Life in Libya

Remittance from Europe has brought us a fixed concept that Europe is land close to heaven while Africa is just a place popular for all odds of life and this is a sad reality.

Upon arrival in Libya, migrants are being smuggled at Ali ghetto because of no traveling documents.

Mamie and her friends were sold into area prostitution while the others were sold to international clients and were smuggled to Europe.

Men were imprisoned and called back home for ransom for the smugglers when they were still a hostage.

Those who got some influence will sit alone in the ghetto waiting for a master that will employ them so that they can raise funds to pay for the boat at the Mediterranean Sea.

What’s beat my imagination is not about the violence against humanity, like rape, torturing and slavery are countless abuses but the sales of human body parts have been the major business in Libya that makes Libya one of the unsafe countries in Africa.

Meeting with IOM officials in Libya at one of the popular private prison migrants cries for help and told IOM that they wanted to return to their country as the prison become congested every day with over 500 migrants in a single prison, with no food, medical and some even lost their lives why others are being sold in exchange of cash.

Mamie has been sold into area sex slavery she finding it difficult with things, but she has no option but to undergo it.

Sometimes Mamie has to send some cash back home as she was now a single mother to her two kids sadly she has always wanted to make money so she will support the kids and their grandma irrespective of all she is going through in the next phase of her life she has learned her lesson.

The worsted situation I have ever found myself is been sold into sex slavery, here I gave nor consent neither I have a choice of the type of man I may want to date, she cry.

On one Saturday morning, Mamie and her colleagues why in a sex cage were sharing their stories, some of them are from Nigeria they spoke about their country and poverty threat in their families everyone with the same story.

Every day is a new beginning the intervention of the IOM in collaboration with Migrant As Messengers must have helped many migrants from West Africa to return home and gave them hope by supporting them in their various dream life.

How in as much as corruption remain the order of the day in Africa Europe will always be the most attractive place to live on earth.

With ART and Literature Africa will build it Europe in their small communities using the ARTBOX System.

Episode 5

The Mediterranean Sea

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