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Reading: The Future That Awaits Us As Storytellers / Journalists.
Reading: The Future That Awaits Us As Storytellers / Journalists.

The Future That Awaits Us As Storytellers / Journalists.

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The Future That Awaits Us As Storytellers / Journalists.
The Future That Awaits Us As Storytellers / Journalists.
Journalists and storytellers: I had always been fascinated by the power of storytelling. As a child growing up in Sierra Leone (West Africa), I was captivated by the traditional tales told by my elders and the way they transported me to different worlds and gave me a deeper understanding of my own culture and history. However, it wasn’t until I encountered VR films and documentaries recently that I relocated here. It changed my mentality about storytelling completely. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. As I put on the VR headset and was transported into a virtual world, I felt like I was actually part of the story. I was no longer just an observer, but a fully immersed participant.
I have always believed VR headsets were for gamification, which is so wrong.
One of the VR film and documentary experiences that particularly stood out to me was a piece about the migratory journeys of three animals (Myriad – Where we connect) done by a professor and lecturer in our MA Program (Lena Thiele). As I walked through the virtual world, I felt like I was really there, experiencing the struggles and challenges faced by animals over time as human activities continue to render certain species extinct. It was a powerful and emotional experience that gave me a deeper understanding and empathy for their situation.
But VR film and documentary aren’t just about allowing for a more immersive storytelling experience. It also has the potential to bring about social change and bring attention to important issues in Sierra Leone/Africa, where traditional media may not always accurately or fully represent the diverse experiences of the continent, VR films and documentaries could be a powerful tool for giving voice to marginalized communities and shedding light on important issues.
Of course, there are challenges to the adoption of VR films and documentaries in Africa. It is still a relatively new and expensive technology, and there may be barriers to access for some. However, as technology becomes more widespread and affordable, I believe it has the potential to become a major force for storytelling and social change also in Sierra Leone and Africa as a whole.
I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exciting and revolutionary medium. This is the next big thing and a space to watch.
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Daniel Bangura is an Experienced Documentary storyteller that has Worked with NGOs United Nations, BBC World Freelance, Media Action, World vision, Rain initiative) also worked for local television/news broadcasting channels
STAR TV (Senior graphics editor)
Daniel is Skilled in storyboarding, filming, editing, Special effects, Animation, photography and cinematography with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Mass Communication (Multimedia) from Fourah Bay College.

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