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Reading: Sierra Leone’s Justice Samba Leads ICC in Historic Role
Reading: Sierra Leone’s Justice Samba Leads ICC in Historic Role

Sierra Leone’s Justice Samba Leads ICC in Historic Role

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In a momentous development that bolsters the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) pursuit of justice, Justice Miatta Maria Samba, a distinguished jurist from Sierra Leone, has assumed the presidency of the Trial Division.

With an illustrious reputation as a legal scholar and unwavering advocate for justice, Justice Samba brings a wealth of experience to her new role. Born on October 3rd, 1971, she holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Fourah Bay College, along with postgraduate qualifications in Human Rights and Energy Law from the esteemed Universities of Pretoria and Dundee, respectively.

Her legal journey began in 1999 when she joined the Sierra Leone Bar Association. Justice Samba rose to prominence through her pivotal role as a prosecutor at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, where she confronted the haunting legacy of war crimes in her nation’s history.

Beyond the courtroom, Justice Samba has made an indelible impact. She has served as an educator at Fourah Bay College and held leadership positions within the Anti-Corruption Commission of Sierra Leone.

Notably, in 2020, Justice Samba assumed the esteemed position of Judge at the ICC, presiding over significant cases involving individuals like Paul Gicheru from Kenya and Mahamat Said Abdel Kani from the Central African Republic.

Her recent appointment as President of the Trial Division marks a pivotal moment for Sierra Leone and the global fight against impunity.

Under Justice Samba’s leadership, the ICC is poised to navigate intricate legal waters with integrity and effectiveness, ensuring that the wheels of justice continue to turn unimpeded in the pursuit of accountability and fairness

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