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Reading: Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister Sengeh Leads SLPP Constitutional Reform
Reading: Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister Sengeh Leads SLPP Constitutional Reform

Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister Sengeh Leads SLPP Constitutional Reform

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Chief Minister
Chief Minister

The Chief Minister of Sierra Leone, David Sengeh, has officially announced to Awoko Newspaper his appointment as the Chairman of the Constitutional Review Committee for the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

In an exclusive statement to Awoko Newspaper, Sengeh expressed his appreciation for the appointment, stating, “Yesterday, the Leader of our esteemed Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), H.E President Bio, designated me as Chairman of the Constitution Review Committee of our illustrious political party. I am genuinely honored and enthusiastic about collaborating with everyone to fulfill our mission. I extend my gratitude to the Chairman, Secretary General, and the entire NEC for nominating me to serve in the committee initially.”

Highlighting the SLPP’s significant history dating back to its establishment in 1951, Sengeh underscored the party’s dedication to inclusivity, diversity, and social development. He declared, “The SLPP is a political party that embraces the young, the elderly, the ambitious, the bold, the entrepreneurial, the creative, the visionary, and the problem solver.”

Aligned with the party’s motto, “One Country One People,” Sengeh underscored the importance of ongoing reforms to enhance transparency, inclusiveness, accountability, and a commitment to social democratic principles. He revealed that the Constitutional Review Committee, entrusted with leading this process, would conduct extensive consultations, seeking input from various stakeholders through position papers and thorough questioning.

“The last 70 years of our Party’s history have been remarkable. However, for the future of our country, we aspire for the next 70 years to be even better,” Sengeh asserted. Addressing previous misconceptions about the SLPP, he stated, “Whether incorrectly labeled as the ‘Mende man party,’ ‘Kontri man party,’ ‘Old pipul den party,’ or any other, what remains unequivocal is that we are a party that adheres to democratic processes and is committed to political and governance reform. We are builders of institutions.”

Looking forward, Sengeh extended an invitation to progressive, innovative, and reform-minded Sierra Leoneans, both domestically and internationally, to contribute to shaping the party’s future. As the SLPP envisions the next 70 years, he emphasized the imperative of collective efforts to secure a brighter future for the country.

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