Sierra Leonean Fashion designer Calling for African Unity through fashion.

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
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Meen Sierra Leonean Fashion designer Calling for African Unity through fashion.

Afize Mohamed better known as Afize Stylish is a young Sierra Leonean fashion model and entrepreneur currently based in the United Kingdom, Afize continues with modeling career by participating in music videos, fashion shoots, and commercials, but his main focus is directed to promote his own company United Africa Wears. Starting from scratch, Afize has successfully built a brand that represents unity among Africans all over the world. His achievements have been recognized by many in the Sierra Leonean community and beyond.

Professional Engagement

Afize is not only a businessman and an entertainer but also a former president of Tex- ters All-stars acting on behalf of the people. He participated in the campaign for Piracy Act to be passed into parliament.


“The challenges are many, especially when you have a small capital to set up a business. And also when you are in a country where the music industry is not highly promoted. But in all that, it’s just about staying focused on what you want to be done and keep on pursuing it. But with every step an individual takes, there are many challenges.” Afize Mohamed told Salone Messenger, a global multimedia and public relations firm.

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In recent years, Afize has participated in pageant shows achieving titles of Mr. Africa International II Prince and Mr. Styles as well as Mr. Sierra Leone 2016 first runner-up. His success leads to creating a campaign supporting children in Sierra Leone while working alongside the I Care Children Foundation. Being multitalented, Afize is also known in Sierra Leonean music industry. From 2005 to the present day, he is being praised for his music-promoting skills both locally and internationally. Over the years Afize has taken on new artists like Alh Vandy to show the world what good music is all about.


Am motivated by what I am doing and what I want to do as a young man.
I always run my pace through the target I set for myself to become a successful person. i am inspired by the people around me such as my family members and friends.

Career Goals

My plans are to expand my business and become an international businessman. To help many people as I can, especially my countrymen and also to live as an example to people around me and the youth as a whole.

How do you intend to get it done?

I intend to get it done through perseverance and more efforts since effort means so much to those who have the passion to succeed.

Message to the youth
The youth means so much to every country’s development. My advice to the youth is always to chase or goes after what you want. Believe in yourself and stay positive about yourself and the people around you.

Contact United Africa Wears

Sierra Leone: +23230050182

United Kingdom: +44 7311 152485

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