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Sierra Leone News: FINIC’s Dryers Leading the way in Africa.

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Sierra Leone News: FINIC’s Dryers Leading the way in Africa.

The Africanization of FINIC is gathering steam as the installations of Multi Produce Dryers are being conducted simultaneously in 2 countries – Ghana, Kumasi region and Nigeria, Enugu region. See pics and videos as a proof.

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The business of FINIC installing dryers has been ongoing since 2 years ago. In Sierra Leone, FINIC had installed several units, the first being in Bo town. We have just installed 2 units for Action Against Hunger in Moyamba District. In Ghana, we installed the first dryer since 8 months ago. It is operational and serving well in the drying of corn/maize without problems.

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In the same region of Enugu, the FINIC Generation 4 Palm Oil Mill (check it out on youtube) is on it’s way from Ghana, being manufactured by FINIC Ghana, to Enugu to be installed this month.

The FINIC Drying Technology is proving to be irresistible. It is so because they are crafted with the brains that use them and thus stand the chance of acceptance and survival.

Drying technologies beyound the direct use of the sun are elusive in many countries that are at the bottom of the poverty pyramid. Africa being a huge home for such countries, agricultural productivity is dwarfed. A contributing factor is dependency on sun drying. Production and processing in a commercial scale with an assurance of an unbroken supply, can not be guaranteed by sun drying.

The FINIC dryers have capacities varying from 0.1 ton (2 bags) to 20 tons (400 bags) per batch. One of the great attributes of FINIC dryers is that they are flexible to accommodate a wide range of agricultural produce despite their (agricultural produce) varying drying temperature requirement. This is made possible by FINIC’S newly invented technology that change the drying temperature in the range of minimum and maximum within a second by just opening or closing a valve. No fumes resulting from the burning of any fuel type (liquid, gas or solid) will enter the drying bin and contaminate the produce to be dried. The magic is in the heat exchange.

Also note that an electric motor to be powered by either a Gen set or a solar power grid, can be used.

Hugely important also, is that FINIC is nearing the completion of a technology that enables the direct use of palm kernel oil as Diesel fuel. This technology is now being used at FINIC to generate its power requirement for 4 weeks now, today being the 13th of April 2022. Same technology will be installed in FINIC Dryers and rice mills for those wishing to have a an engine as a prime mover.


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In Sierra Leone, contact us at +232-76-601956

In Ghana, Accra, call us at +233 26 400 0480

In Nigeria, Abuja, reach us through +234-805-1164-428

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