Sierra Leone Independence: Most Beautiful & Unique Images.

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
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Bintu Kanneh
Bintu Kanneh

Sierra Leone Independence: Most Beautiful & Unique Images.

Sierra Leone celebrates the country’s 61st independence anniversary to mark its historic occasion of gaining independence from Britain.

On the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the independence of Sierra Leone attained on April 27, 1961, Salone Messenger Media wishes to send its sincerest congratulations to the Government and People of the Republic of Sierra Leone. Happy 61st Independence Sierra Leone!

Salone Messenger Media collected the most creative & unique Independence Day Images for the Sierra Leone 61st Independence Day, also images from previous years.  A stunning collection to illustrate the atmosphere that is present on independence Day. All of these Independence Day images have been shortlisted by our photography or videography teams for the opportunity to be featured in our platforms.


Here are some of the images below, and more images are being uploaded on this platform…

Independence Day photo

COVER: Naser Ayoub & Juju Jeks.

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President Maada Bio, First Lady Fatima Bio and daughter.       

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Former President Ernest Bai Koroma.

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Renowned Musician Amie Kallon.

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Member of parliament Emerson-Lamina. 



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Anthony Navo; Jnr.


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Lady Felicia. 

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Kao Denero.


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Boss La.


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Juju Jeks
Juju Jeks


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Michelle Jaward and team


Singer Morris
Singer Morris

Yeanie Healen Sundufu f

Yeanie Healen Sundufu 




Independence Day photo celebration Chrispine Kai Turay 

Chrispine Kai Turay


Model YoGurl Ray (Mam) and Binta
Model YoGurl Ray (Mam) and Binta.




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Jacob The Therapist. 

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Bintu Kaba.


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Willie Jay.

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Famous .


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Kei Kamara.

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DJ Umu.

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Independence Day photo


Independence Day photo Independence Day photo celebration Mariama Forbes


Independence day celebration


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Independence Day Africa Young Voices Media Empire

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Independence photo


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Independence photo


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Naomi Kay: international Model
Naomi Kay: international Model

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Marina Kisha Terry 1
Marina Kisha Terry 1

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Juju Jeks   


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Naser Ayoub








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