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Reading: Sierra Leone History: What You Need To Know About Bathurst Village
Reading: Sierra Leone History: What You Need To Know About Bathurst Village

Sierra Leone History: What You Need To Know About Bathurst Village

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History: What You Need To Know About Bathurst Village

Bathurst village is a mountainous village in the Western Area Rural District of Sierra Leone. Bathurst seats at 541 feet above sea level, and lies approximately six miles west of Freetown.

The major industry in Bathurst village is farming, small scale coal mining and animal husbandry. The Creole people are the largest and principal inhabitants of Bathurst village.

Bathurst was founded in 1817 provide accommodation for recaptives, liberated enslaved Africans, who had been brought to Freetown by the British Royal Navy West Africa Squadron.[2]: 122  It was originally called Leopold, in honour of Leopold I of Belgium, who was at the time husband to Princess Charlotte of WalesCharlotte was established at the same time nearby, named after his wife.

The village according to history has served as a destination of one of the earliest slaves settlers brought to Sierra Leone from Europe and American. History says the the village to this day is yet to maintain good linking roads network, electricity, pipe born water supply, a hospital, among others. Interestingly, there is no town clock tower in the village.
The original Bathurst village today lies full of makeshift structures without much to tell of its once acclaimed early civilization. Little would one believe that it once had such a renowned village clock on its village square tower.
Centenarian old Village Clock Tower skeleton lies at the heart of Bathurst village, Western Area Rural District of Sierra depicting a village of ages with a lost standard.
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