Sean Eazie Is Back, Set To Release His New EP Banger Title “Magburaka Town In June Exclusively On Audiofrica

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
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Sean Eazie Is Back, Set To Release His New EP Banger Title "Magburaka Town In June Exclusively On Audiofrica

Born in Magburka, Edward Bassie Conteh, stage name Sean Eazie (your girlfriend’s favourite singer) is an award winning Singer/Songwriter, and national mentor for Sierra Leone. He attended the Roman Catholic Primary School Magburaka, Secondary School Government Secondary for Boys Magburaka, Saint Francis Senior Secondary School Makeni and later moved to Freetown where he completed and holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Science from Fourah Bay College  with over five years music experience Growing up, Sean, popularly known as “Your girlfriend’s favorite singer” has always loved singing music, his love for music started at a very tender age. His late mother would sit him down and they would sing songs together. Also, he used to represent his school and local area in different singing competitions that made him very popular in his locality and won several awards. Ever since, music has always been part of his life -suffice it to say that it is a way of life for him.

Salone Messenger’s Editor Sallu Kamuskay sat down with Sean Eazie to hear about his  journey and insights. Below is an edited transcript of their conversation.


Tell us about your breakthrough music into the entertainment industry in Sierra leone

“Never Say Never’ is my biggest breakthrough yet in music. It was the lead Single off my first Extended Play (EP) titled ‘The Best Is Yet to Come’ It’s pretty much an inspirational song that encourages people in dire or better yet difficult/challenging situations to not give up on themselves. It goes further to include message of hope and hard work – believing that the best is yet to come and their better days are ahead of them. And the inspiration behind that song came from the things that happened to me personally and the people around. Pretty much that’s how I get my inspiration.”


Tell us about your latest project.


“The latest project is titled Magburaka Town EP’ and it’s still work-in-progress. It’s  comprises five songs from different genres and it features vocals from Dove, former L.X.G singer and D4nny Beats. It is jointly being produced by Jay Mills Beats of Audiofrica and D4nny Beats of Simplay.”

Why did you connect the name to Magburaka?


Good question. ‘Magburaka Town’ is where I come from and where pretty much everything around Sean Eazie started-it resonates with so many memories. education, music and lots more. Therefore, the EP ‘Magburaka Town’ is a way of paying homeage to my roots that’s the rationale behind the title.


What should your fans be expecting?


Inspiration, entertainment, love and above all good music.


7) When will the songs be out and on which platform?

The EP will be out  pretty soon. And the public will be informed as and  when a date is finalized by my label. But meanwhile, I urge my fans and everyone to follow me  @Sean Eazie on all social media platforms to be the first to stream the EP when it comes out on Audiofrica, Africa’s #1 music streaming app and platform.








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