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Reading: Samura Kamara Hails Historic Political Settlement
Reading: Samura Kamara Hails Historic Political Settlement

Samura Kamara Hails Historic Political Settlement

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Samura Kamara
Samura Kamara

In a recent social media post, leader of Sierra Leone opposition party, All People’s Congress (APC), Samura Kamara praised the recent out-of-court settlement facilitated by the Tripartite Committee as “arguably the most peaceful and multistakeholder settlement.”

“On the 21st of November 2023, I made this statement during the formal launching ceremony of the TRIPARTITE COMMITTEE,” Samura wrote. “The resulting inter-party dialogue is arguably the most peaceful and multistakeholder out-of-court settlement.”

He emphasized the importance of wisdom and mutual respect in resolving political conflicts.

“As political leaders of our time, we must advise ourselves that not all fights require guns, violence, knives, broken bottles, ‘mammy coss’, plenty spin and political masking and hypocrisy. Good fights require only wisdom, tolerance, mutual respect and patriotism,” he stated

Reflecting on the challenges of political and economic management, Samura noted, “Experience suggests that there are no easy, catch-all solutions to the difficulties we face in deciding how to handle deceitful or dissembling politics and economic management. There is however no room for complacency or despair. We are making history.”

Samura’s comments come in the wake of President Bio’s recent announcement that the next elections will be held in 2028.

The next national elections in Sierra Leone will be held in 2028, according to His Excellency Julius Maada Bio.

The president, who was speaking at a ceremony in Bo, also accused some politicians of propagating false information that another election would be held in the country and that they would be coming out in June.

He said the country belongs to everyone, and a group of people will not decide to cause confusion and make the lives of others miserable.

“We came through ballots, and anyone who comes with a bullet, you will be sent back with a bullet,” he warned.

Some members of the main opposition All People’s Congress have been claiming that the Tripartite Committee was set up to ensure that a rerun of June 2023 is held, a claim the U.S Ambassador, Bryan Hunt has denied on public radio as one of the initiators of the Committee that was set up following concerns on the conduct of the June 2023 elections.

The Tripartite Committee on Electoral Systems and Management Bodies Review which comprises the opposition APC, the ruling SLPP, and the government is expected to complete its work and present a report to President Bio next month.

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