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Reading: In Makeni, SALWACO Management Engages Key Stakeholders
Reading: In Makeni, SALWACO Management Engages Key Stakeholders

In Makeni, SALWACO Management Engages Key Stakeholders

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Sheku Putka Kamara
By Sheku Putka Kamara 2 Min Read
2 Min Read

The leadership of the Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO) in Makeni has engaged a cross section of stakeholders to discuss issues pertaining to the sustainable provision of water and to see that customers adhere to set policies including the timely payment of water rates. The meeting which was chaired by the SALWACO Finance Officer Makeni, Alusine Bangura was further aimed at discussing profitability and due diligence matters

Mr. Bangura also used the opportunity to formally introduce the new Station Manager Ing. Emmanuel F. Bayoh to the stakeholders. The new Manager assured of teamwork and rapid engagements to see that both parties are able to do and implement acceptable best practices. Manager, Ing. Bayoh used the opportunity to further engage water packaging institutions and touched on the new water supply role and the policy of not allowing water metres to be bypassed.

Ing. Bayoh said that bypassing metres is a disservice to SALWACO and therefore encouraged the stakeholders to do things in line with the customs of SALWACO. He also encouraged attendees to not bypass systems.

The Finance Officer, Alusine Bangura touched on the new payment systems and urged that water payments should now be done every two weeks. On late billing, the SALWACO Management in Makeni assured that it would now be a thing of the past so that customers will not incur huge financial expenses that may prove otherwise difficult to be paid for.

The meeting ended on a positive note and institutions owing SALWACO were urged to clear debts in the shortest possible time and in the best interest of the company. Stakeholders present appreciated the engagement, agreed to follow set acceptable procedures whiles hoping to continue to get safe water from SALWACO.

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