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Wae den ned wi
Den kin kam around wi
Tel wi ɔl kin stori
Wae ful ɔf lie lie

Wae den ned wi
Den kin bayobayo wi lɛk smal pikin
Fid wi wit fake promis den
Wae den nor kin mit ɔp fɔ fulfil

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Wae den ned wi
Den kin tɔk big big inglish den
Wae plenti pipul nor kin undastand
Same wae so, den mami ɛn den wan wae wate man kul illiterate sɛf nor kin undastand

Wae den ned wi
Den kin tɔk fayn fayn
Sum ɔf de wɔds wae kin komot na den mot kin swit lɛk suga
ƐN honi fɔ lik

Wae den ned wi
Den kin go behen den eples pipul dem
Fol dem wit watin wi kul ‘chicken change’
Ɛn promis dem gud layf ɛn os

Bot wen den gɛt watin dem want
Den kin fiba da ungri Lion
Wae don watch di san fɔ di ɔl dae
Ɛn don redi fɔ du enitin jis fɔ mɛk den it

As den gɛt watin den want
Den kin komot behen wi
Lɛk aw Judas bin komot behen in masta

Wae den gɛt watin den want
Wi kin fiba lɛk dog ɛn pus na os
Ɛn na so den kin sɛt trap fɔ wi lɛk wae Tiga kin sɛt trap fɔ den pri na bush

Wi kin fiba slave unda dem
Wae den don gɛt watin den want
Wi kin ɔlso fiba dar bush wae nor fɔ shake nɔ mata aw de brize ebi
Bikɔs ɛf yu shake na trobul fɔ yu

Na so wi mot kin de smel wit de bad bad tin den wae dem kin de do
Ar tyms wi kin wan tɔk bɔt wi tong kin luk ebi
Bot watin komon na pipul den mot na sweh as den kin sae God gɔ juge dem wit den fimili
Ɔda pipul kin wan tɔk bɔt den de fraid fɔ mɛk den nor ɔl dem ɛn put dem na tit korna
Ɔlso, den de fraid sae den nor go beteh buk
Ɛn nor sabi tɔk fayn inglish wae de world go yari dem

Bot ɔl man don taya wit de sistem
Bikɔs en don tae wae den de fɔl wi
Wi yie don ɔpen big big wan lɛk dar kɔrkɔr bɔd fɔ si de tru
Ɛn na so wi don gɛt sense lɛk kɔni rabit.

Mohamed Kailie

Activist Mohamed Kailie is a Sierra Leonean poet, playwriter, and contributor at Salone Messenger, He was raised by a single parent, Mohamed Kailie was borb in Woadeh Village, Kono District, the eastern part of Sierra Leone. He started schooling at Christ The King School (C.K.S.) in Yengema, Nimikoro Chiefdom, Kono District. He got his primary school certificate there in CKS and later moved to the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown to live with his eldest brother. But then, things did not work out for him as it was supposed to be. He then worked at the garage as a 'Panel Better' for a year and months. In 2012, he was sent back to school at the Murray Town Army Junior Secondary School (M.T.A.) where he attained his Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E.), and later moved to the Prince Of Wales Senior School (POW) Kingtom. He attained his High School Certificate at the POW. After high school certificate, Mohamed Kailie later applied as a kitchen assistant in the "Freetown Restaurant On The Beach" which is now known as the "Oscar's/ Paradise". At the restaurant, he attained the position as a Head Chef in the kitchen as he was trained by a Polish expert named Tomek Lapinski.


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