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How Sierra Leone’s Queennak is Dominating the Throne in China and New York

Artist and philanthropist Queennak is popularly known as China’s Black First Lady for being the first foreigner to represent China at the Milan Expo Arts Exhibition in 2014 and the first Sierra Leonean to represent her country at the Youth Olympic Games Arts Exhibition in Nanjing, China, in 2013. After becoming a well-regarded public figure in China, she has taken her advocacies to New York to chase her dreams. 

Queennak, whose real name is Neneh Ada Yang, was born in Sierra Leone to Zainab Bangura, a trader, and Ahmed Adarkwa Koroma, a college principal. Growing up, she excelled in academics and was consistent in being one of the top students in her class. In elementary, she obtained one of the best grades in the country for the National Primary School Examination (NPSE). She attended her country’s best secondary school, Saint Joseph’s Junior Secondary School, and took the Basic Education Certificate Examination. She was then promoted to Senior Secondary School, and after three years, she aced the West Africa Senior School Certificate and graduated. 

In college, Queennak was very active and engaged with school and public activities. Her passion for arts and humanities landed her the crown for Queen of Embrix Club 2011. During Sierra Leone’s 50th Independence Day, she met her Chinese husband. After their marriage, they moved to China, where she gave birth to their handsome Chinese-African son, Prince Yang. 

Queennak learned the Chinese language and culture and quickly became a well-known public figure in China for organizing several cultural exchange programs and events where international talents, media, and the embassies were featured to promote cultural exchange between Africa and Asia.

Over the years, Queennak has taken on several life roles as a musical artist, painter, fashion designer, activist, and a reality TV personality. She is the CEO and founder of the Queennak Foundation, Queennak Luxury Brand, and the Du Yi International Cultural Festival. She is a reality show personality in “Rolling with the NAKS,” where she uses her platform to promote black culture in China. 

As an artist, she uses the proceeds from the sales of her artworks as donations to charities from all over the world, helping the less privileged. Queennak also creates songs that feature Afro beats and other cultural approaches to promote cultural exchange through music.


As she builds her social media presence, she shows her gratitude by giving free CDs, wristbands, T-shirts, and other Queennak merchandise to anyone who follows and reaches out to her on Instagram

Queennak currently resides in New York as she pursues her aspirations. She is currently working her way toward a bigger dream of making herself a household name in Hollywood and becoming part of the Walk of Fame. She is currently building her global fan base, and she continues to give back to the communities by using her platform to extend help to the needy. In the future, she hopes to build schools and hospital facilities and provide them with job opportunities. Today, she continues to chase after her dreams while advancing her humanitarian advocacies. 

Learn more about Queennak by visiting her official website.

Credit : New York Weekly

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