“Please Help In Giving My Daughter A Better Life” Sierra Lonean Artist Deeno Jay Sends Touching Message To Antonio Rudiger

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
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A sierra Leonean Dancehall, Afro beat, R&B, Hip hop Artist, Song writer and a Sound engineer, Deeno Jay has taken on his social media platform  to comment on Antonio Rudiger’s post  thanking him for supporting children children in Sierra Leone with operation with support from the Bigshoe for life-changing surgeries for 11 children in Lunsar. Deeno Jay furthered that his one month old bay was born with Aminotic Band Syndrome (ABS) and club foot and is calling on Antonio Rudiger and the Bigshoe to help her daughter get back to life and reason to live.

“Hi BigShoe , first of all I wanna thank the whole team for helping Childrens with club foot in my country (Sierra Leone) it’s a big one and I pray that God bless the whole team. Pls my newly born baby is a month hold now and she was born in (Sierra Leone) with Aminotic Band Syndrome (ABS) and club foot . Antonio Rüdiger please help in giving my daughter a better life and reasons to live like a normal child. Thanks  in advance.”


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