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Off Mandatory Vaccinations, Medical Ethics and Individual Liberties in Salone


Alhaji U. N’jai

For mandatory vaccinations to be feasible, four conditions must be satisfied fully; 1. The gravity of the public health epidemic must be highly significant and proportionality should be established, 2) Vaccine safety and efficacy must be established beyond all reasonable doubt; for a trial vaccine like Covid19; are you able to established safety and efficacy against all the different variants of the virus, 3) Available alternatives must have been fully examined including the level of natural immunity in your population, and 4) sufficient vaccine supply should have been established. Again, on a broader aspect, there is the breach of individual intimate liberties, human rights and above all labor rights with coercion. We all have a moral duty in public health epidemics to protect ourselves and others but that doesn’t mean we are morally obliged. Moral obligation is an aspect of ethics and far different from legal obligation. Moral obligation is very difficult to establish and breach of intimate liberties such as administering a drug or vaccine, forcing someone for sex or having babies are only possible through informed consent. We must make sure that while we fight the public health epidemics, we uphold our ethical obligations to the highest degree and desist from violating individuals human or labor rights via active coercion. No one should be coerced into taking a trial vaccine or their individual liberties or labor rights violated for not taking the vaccine. Rather People should be encouraged to take the vaccines through effective risk communication, social mobilization, and community engagement, and civic responsibilities to the nation. Targeted use of vaccines on your most vulnerable populations along with understanding the level of natural immunity in population are all ways by which we can attain herd immunity. Above all enforcing proper Infection prevention controls of hand washing, masking, social distancing, effective testing, quarantines, lockdowns, and behavioral change communication remain our most effective tools against an elusive virus with high amount of variants. Beyond vaccines, effective case management using monoclonal antibodies or other therapies must be fully explored @AlhajiUNjai #Jata #Meejoh #ThePeoplesScientist

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