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Nigerian man, Frederick Akphoghene begins manufacturing first black owned self-driving pods

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A young Nigerian man called Frederick Akphoghene has made the black community and Africa proud by setting up a firm called JéGO Technologies Inc, considered the first Black-owned company which is into the manufacturing of self-driving pods.

Frederick said “JéGO is here to give entrepreneurs the space to compete and to give service providers the mobility to serve without the burden of large fixed costs like rent…This will lead to more money flowing into our communities as opposed to it flowing outwards to large corporations – because we are just as tired of that normalcy as you are.”

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Explaining how the product works, the company said “when the Pod arrives at a location, it waits outside and sends a push notification alerting the customer that the delivery or service provider has arrived – typically within an hour or less.”

The firm added further that, “our goal is to reduce this time by increasing the number of vehicles on the road. Only JéGO verified users have access to the pods.” The product has already been rolled out in the USA and spreading across Europe. The manufacturer has equally entered South Africa with hope s to spread across the continent.

JéGO Technologies Inc is based in Miami, Florida. Frederick, the founder of the Miami based firm is known to have incredible interest in the tech industry. He has over 15 years of experience in tech development and software engineering.

This article originally appeared on wakandafricanews and is published here for educational purpose only

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