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Reading: Minister of Agriculture and Food Security partners with PCS LTD
Reading: Minister of Agriculture and Food Security partners with PCS LTD

Minister of Agriculture and Food Security partners with PCS LTD

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Sierra Leone’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Dr. Henry Musa Kpaka, has sealed a groundbreaking partnership with PCS LTD, a leading company specializing in cutting-edge mechanized onion cultivation.

This strategic alliance marks a significant step towards modernizing onion farming practices in the country.

PCS LTD, recognized for its substantial imports of onions, has committed to shifting towards local cultivation using state-of-the-art mechanized techniques. This transition not only promotes self-reliance but also promises to empower local farmers and drive economic growth in Sierra Leone.

The MoU outlines plans to introduce advanced mechanized methods in onion cultivation, with the aim of increasing productivity, reducing post-harvest losses, and creating economic opportunities for local farmers.

Dr. Kpaka’s proactive approach to addressing agricultural challenges was evident during last year’s onion crisis. His personal visit to Lungi served as a catalyst for farmers to expand onion cultivation, with the Minister leading by example by planting onions himself. This hands-on involvement has yielded tangible results, with hundreds of hectares now dedicated to onion farming.

The recent joint harvest by Dr. Kpaka and PCS LTD symbolizes the collaborative efforts between the government and the private sector. This success story highlights the transformative potential of public-private partnerships in driving agricultural diversification and ensuring food security in Sierra Leone.

President Bio’s FeedSalone Initiative, which extends beyond rice production, emphasizes a holistic approach to enhancing agricultural productivity across various sectors. The partnership with PCS LTD exemplifies this ethos, underlining the importance of collective action and innovative solutions to meet the nation’s food requirements.

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