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Reading: Menace D General Urges Peaceful Acceptance of Election Results
Reading: Menace D General Urges Peaceful Acceptance of Election Results

Menace D General Urges Peaceful Acceptance of Election Results

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Sierra Leonean musician Menace D General, also known as My Dearest Gift (MDG), has released a statement urging the peaceful acceptance of election results in the country. Known for his patriotic and revolutionary lyrics, MDG shared his perspective on Sierra Leone’s political landscape and called for unity among its citizens.

MDG expressed his experiences and concerns during the last election, emphasizing the need for genuine change and a shift in mentality among Sierra Leoneans. He highlighted his active engagement with the people on the ground, rather than getting involved in social media drama.

As a patriotic citizen, MDG focused on civic education and advocated for what he believed would bring positive change to the nation. However, he observed that Sierra Leone still has a long way to go, as loyalty to the two major political parties hinders progress beyond personal affiliations.

During the election campaigns, MDG noted that the emphasis was placed on festivities and performances, rather than addressing the fundamental needs of the people. He lamented the absence of a nationally televised election debate where citizens could directly question and assess the candidates’ achievements, plans, and qualifications.

MDG urged like-minded individuals to focus on making incremental changes in their own lives, homes, and communities instead of engaging in stagnant and divisive political conversations. He emphasized the importance of peaceful acceptance of the election results, regardless of the winner.

Calling for unity in rejecting division and incompetent leadership, MDG urged Sierra Leoneans to come together to build a better future for the country.

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