Meet Peagie Foday:  Founder of Peagie Woobay Scholarship Award Fund providing scholarship, Mentorship and training for teen Mothers in Sierra Leone

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By: Elizabeth Brewah

Founder of Peagie Woobay Scholarship Award Fund, Meet Peagie Foday is providing scholarship, Mentorship and training for teen Mothers in Sierra Leone

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Meet Mrs. Peagie Foday a Sierra Leonean living in Sweden, who has devoted her life in serving girls in Sierra Leone.

Peagie was a teen mum who beats all odds in life and societal challenges and ends up becoming very successful and educated not allowing the vices of society to break her down. She is married and a mother to three beautiful children.

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Her passion to serve girls who are faced teenage pregnancy either by rape, societal failure or peer group influence is overwhelming.

Peagie Foday decided to start a cause, that gives second chance to girls who are faced with teenage pregnancy through her registered organization Peagie Woobay Scholarship Award Fund . She provided scholarship, mentorship and training for teen mom and runs a day care for the children the teen mum’s gives birth to. She also launched #ExploreSalone a platform she created to showcase Sierra Leone in Sweden and the world and she has successfully brought teams to Freetown on tours.

Peagie’s smile will melt your heart when she is sharing her story and passion and she sells different items to raise funds to support the girls. In the last 3-4years, the project have sent students to the University and some has even graduated and are doing extremely in well in their personal lives.

Peagie Foday is always cheerful and willing to jump on her feet to serve girls in Sierra Leone. She is a champion!

To get connected with Peagie, kindly follow her on Facebook. She is very responsive and will be happy to talk to you.

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