Meet Mabel Ironnsky Turay CEO and Founder of ‘Orkosu’ Herbal Blend of Teas

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By: Zee Tunkara Clarkson

Mabel Ironnsky Turay is a young Sierra Leonean entrepreneur and founder of the ‘Orkosu’ Herbal Blend of Teas, The company’s mission is;“ To Promote compassion, inspire friendship, and celebrate wellness

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Meet our Go-Woman Mabel Ironnsky Turay who is the CEO and Founder of ‘Orkosu’ Herbal Blend of Teas

Orkosu means “Ours!” in one of our local dialects.

The company’s mission is;“ To Promote compassion, inspire friendship, and celebrate wellness.”

The firm identity is deeply rooted in the African philosophy of Ubuntu; Togetherness and Wellness in solidarity with others and the environment.

Mabel Ironnsky Turay 3
Mabel Ironnsky Turay 3

Mabel’s obsession and devotion to herbal teas and wellness started in 2018 during what she described as one of the darkest periods in her life.

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In 2018, Mabel Ironnsky Turay went through a phase of having constant stomach pains. Months of medication didn’t seem to work. The pain worsened and She started having anxiety attacks due to the intense pains and weight loss . She was on the verge of having a breakdown.

Mabel started doing researches on alternative remedies for her health challenges . She came across herbal teas and read widely about a wide range of medicinal herbs, how they can be grown, and their benefits.


Mabel Ironnsky Turay went in search of different herbal teas and found very few imported expensive ones in the supermarkets.

She decided to grow her own herbal teas such as Moringa, Lemongrass, Sorrel and Mint and use it for health and well-being . She started feeling a sense of calmness the anxieties disappeared when she started drinking herbal teas. She also felt a sense of serenity and well-being, she hasn’t felt in months.


It was at that moment it dawned on her that her herbal blend of aromatic and different flavours teas would greatly benefit and help others . She started producing Orkosu Teas.

Orkosu Teas is locally grown, sourced and produced in Sierra Leone.



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