Meet Kadie Juana: 22-Year-Old Young Promising Lawyer Taking The Lead In Ending Hunger

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
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22-year-old Kadie Juana, a promising lawyer, and farmer taking the lead

Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG 2 or Global Goal 2) aims to achieve “zero hunger”. It is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations in 2015. The official wording is: “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture“.[1] SDG 2 highlights the complex inter-linkages between food security, nutrition, rural transformation and sustainable agriculture. According to the United Nations, there are around 690 million people who are hungry, which accounts for 10 percent of the world population. One in every nine people goes to bed hungry each night

If we are to fight hunger, the young, old, government workers, professionals and people from various works of life must contribute to ensuring that the country and world achieve this.

Born in Western Rural area (Newton) Kadie Juana is a young Sierra Leonean law student at the University Of Makeni (Unimak) and small farm owner currently based in Makeni.

Kadie Juana grew up in Hastings where she attended the Regmel Preparatory School, she later furthered at the Freetown Teachers College Practicing School Jui where she completed her primary education. Kadie Juana was later admitted at the Annie Walsh Memorial School where she completed her Junior and senior secondary education. Kadie Juana was a was school prefect while in Junior Secondary school. Kadie is currently a final  law student at the University Of Makeni (Unimak)

Kadie Juana 2
Kadie Juana

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Growing up as a child, Kadie Juana  was privileged to enjoy the basic facilities of a child,  never had insecurities of the people around her. Things became difficult when she had to adapt to stay without her parents to live with a guardian ( Mrs Helen Hamilton ) who groomed her to the lady she is becoming and experiencing the other side of life. At the age of 16, Kadie lost her father who was her greatest inspiration.  “Acquiring my education was not of any difficulty for me until when I lost my father it becomes a topsy- turvy one for me but fortunately my elder brother took over my responsibilities and he has been supporting me throughout this journey..” she told us at Salone Messenger.

Kadie Juana
Kadie Juana

Kadie Juana  was inspired by her late father who was an agriculturist ( poultry farmer) “so I inherited it from him” she told us at Salone Messenger. Having realize the first hand struggle living without a father, Juana decided to pay more attention in Agriculture while in University.

Kadie Juana plant cassava on a small portion of land in Makeni, she hopes to continue with farming even after she graduates and become a Lawyer, “I want to be lawyer from Mondays to Fridays and farmer on Saturdays and Sundays”

Words of inspiration from Kadie Juana “Don’t procrastinate your dreams, you can do it now, just dream big, be consistent in pursing whatever you’re passionate about, and always be grateful to God and the people around you who helped in different ways just to see you achieving it.”



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