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Reading: Medo is Man of The Man and Represents Luawa Football Academy’s Success
Reading: Medo is Man of The Man and Represents Luawa Football Academy’s Success

Medo is Man of The Man and Represents Luawa Football Academy’s Success

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Mohamed Kargbo, fondly known as “Medo,” earned the prestigious Man of the Match Award in an exhilarating showdown against Wilberforce Rovers in the Leone Rock Premier League. He showcased his exceptional talent by notching a goal and creating another. His journey is a testament to the triumph and strategic prowess of the Luawa Football Academy.

Medo, a product of the academy’s Central Campus, alongside Alhaji Jalloh, also known as Sixer, epitomizes the remarkable success of Luawa Football Academy. When Luawa FC assumed control of Malcom FC three years ago, Medo and Sixer were merely 15-year-old aspirants focused solely on honing their footballing skills. In the eyes of the CEO, Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, “they stood out. Medo exhibited strength and robustness, while Sixer displayed the rare prowess of a left-footed midfielder.”

Sixer swiftly ascended to the senior team and swiftly solidified his position as a pivotal central midfielder. Conversely, Medo initially harbored doubts and felt intimidated by the Premier League. He initially represented Luawa during the playoff phase, culminating in the team’s qualification for the top-tier league. His remarkable potential caught the eye of Spanish scout Jorge Furster in 2022 despite being just 17 years old. Jorge affectionately likened him to Aguero due to their striking physical resemblance.

Upon the arrival of Coach Bowles, Luawa’s astute new coach, Medo was promptly identified as a promising prospect, with a cautionary note to shield him from undue pressure. The coach emphasized the importance of allowing Medo to play freely, reassuring him that scoring goals was not the sole measure of his worth. In the last two games, Medo was introduced in the second half, and despite narrowly missing two glorious chances in the previous match, he remained unwavering and steadfast to his word, delivering a stellar performance by scoring a goal and providing an assist in the recent game.

Medo’s inspiring narrative mirrors the overarching story of Luawa, symbolizing hope and progress amidst adversity. His journey is a beacon of optimism, illuminating the path forward for the team and its ardent supporters. The strategy of building campuses and promoting talents has shown great potential in its early years.


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