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Reading: Mary Grace Turay to make history, sets to premiere two movies in one Night .
Reading: Mary Grace Turay to make history, sets to premiere two movies in one Night .

Mary Grace Turay to make history, sets to premiere two movies in one Night .

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A young Female producer and Actress, Mary Grace turay is changing the scope of film making in sierra leone as she is set to premier two Sierra Leonean movies the same night on the May 19th at the president City hall

With little resources, Mary Grace turay has invested in two projects that have ran her accounts dry but has fueled her dreams to do more and better the industry .

In a short interview with us Mary Grace turay explains her film journey and aspiration  ;

welcome to the World of MGT Productions.

Mary Grace Turay (Mrs Fatorma) is a young sierra leonean who has built a formidable career in the media and Arts ,she has being a Radio And TV presenter at afriradio since 2014 to 2023 ,a Film maker with awards and nominations on her belt ,actress and spoken-Artist .

Mary has starred in major blockbuster movies like secret Secret murder (2012) ,GAME ON, ISATU ,RAMATU ,STUCK including TIES which she wrote and executive produced in 2018.

Mary is one of the female producers and actresses making a difference in an economically frosted industry. She keeps raising the Bar and over 5 years away from producing movies she is back with a mind blowing and thrilling Stories told in two brilliantly made movies “poison ivy and Miles of broken spaces” both movies will be premiered on the same night ,fans are already excited about this venture ,media houses are calling on all sierra leonean to come out on the 19th of MAY to support this movie Premire .

Mrs Fatorma in an interview clearly stated that amongst the very many things she’s done in her career this is one that defines part of her Art in storytelling .Mary spent most of her resources in over a year to get these projects done to perfection ,hiring the best Actors and crew to go into production, she has a Ghanaian rising Star Actor Edwin who starred alongside her and Few other sierra leone stars like Ram Dee who is regarded as the first Prince of television with many awards and titles to his name ,another well recognized screen Diva Sia comfort Nyma and others.

She’s already happy with the support she is getting but calls out for more support and for people to help share the dream to the rest of the world . May 19th at the president City hall

Clearly sierra leone movies are making waves with our support in attending the premieres ,promotion we can change the trajectory and foster a better Industry that can be lucrative compared to other countries across Africa.

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