Manual Poultry Feed Blender By FINIC Sierra Leone

By Foday Melvin Kamara 

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Mixing the feed components of poultry feed by manual means using shovels may seem faster for some poultry farmers than any other manual means. However, if they could have time to think about it seriously and pierce through some layers of false beliefs, they will shift their thoughts to a more innovative better way.

No matter how skillfull the operator is, shovel mixing will not go near 100%. The resultant effect will be having pockets of poor mixture. This imbalance in nutrients distribution will affect the growth of the birds. Whilst acting within the reach of shallow pockets, we must tread cautiously not to impoverish ourselves further in the process.

This post is to present to you the highly effective Manual Feed Blender manufactured by FINIC.

Technical Specifications

1) Mode of operation ~ Manual but can be mechanized with an engine or an electric motor as a prime mover.

2) Capacity – Can do 1 ton (20 bags each of 50kg) per hour in a very effective and efficient way. Just 10 full turns of the handle will thoroughly mix all the feed components -See video.

3) Can be made using a 200 liter drum. This will further bring down the cost but does not compromise the mixing effectiveness and efficiency. See the picture.


In Sierra Leone, reach us at +232-76-601956

In Ghana, we can be contacted at
+233 26 400 0480

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