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Reading: Luawa FC Thrash Wilberforce to Maintain Third Spot
Reading: Luawa FC Thrash Wilberforce to Maintain Third Spot

Luawa FC Thrash Wilberforce to Maintain Third Spot

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Lawa FC secured a triumphant victory over Wilberforce, solidifying their hold on third place in the standings. The Cacao boys initiated the match with a burst of energy, relentlessly pressing Wilberforce’s defense throughout the first half. In the early minutes, Maradona unleashed a powerful long-range shot, only to have it deftly parried over the crossbar by the home team’s keeper. With a seamless passing game and Dembele orchestrating plays from flank to flank, Luawa maintained relentless pressure, narrowly missing the mark with an attempt in the 19th minute, followed by another ambitious long-range effort in the 23rd minute.


The match remained largely one-sided, as Wilberforce’s attempts to launch long balls were effectively thwarted by Luawa’s formidable defensive trio of Muko, Dante, and Keit. In the 30th minute, the dynamic midfielder Dembele threaded a precise through ball to Maradona, who astutely spotted Medo’s run and delivered an impeccable pass. Medo was subsequently brought down in the penalty area, leading the referee to award a crucial penalty kick. Navaa confidently stepped up and netted his third goal of the season. Arthur swiftly found the back of the net, but his goal was ultimately disallowed, leaving the score unchanged as the first half drew to a close.


Following the break, Luawa maintained their relentless offensive pressure and regained game control. In the 49th minute, Dembele skillfully played a through ball to Arthur, who skillfully maneuvered around his marker before delivering a precise pass to Kabba on the right flank. Kabba, renowned for his pinpoint deliveries, lofted a soaring cross over Wilberforce’s defenders to find the waiting Medo, who expertly directed his header into the opposite side of the goal, doubling Luawa’s lead.


Medo, Kargbo, is a product of the elaborate Luawa FC Academy in Sierra Leone. He was First promoted from the U17 central campus to the feeder team. He played games that saw the team qualify for Premier. Last Season, he was drafted to the senior side and has opened his account. He won the Man of the Match award for his outstanding performance, causing the penalty and scoring the second.


Despite Wilberforce’s attempts to mount a comeback, Luawa held firm, withstanding the pressure and securing the well-deserved victory.



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