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Love At First Sight: Episode Eight

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Previously on Love at first sight

Love At First Sight: Episode Eight The waitress brought forth my favorite which shawarma and a cold soft drink. I said thank you to her as she beams and walked back in. I love shawarma so much especially the one in this restaurant. It took me fifteen minutes to eat the shawarma I drank the soft with such ease. As I was busy drinking, I had a knock on the back of my head, I quickly turned…


With a surprise on both sides, we screamed and grabbed each other with a minute hug.

It was my childhood friend “Boy Tag” he is some kind of an annoying fellow with the peculiarities of a womanizer. He can set fire on ladies’ kingdom and switch fire force’s contact off without any regret.

With the past experiences of some of his past girlfriends, I came to the conclusion that one sign of a useless boyfriend is good English and packaging. I’m sorry for all the good English speakers but I have to say this at least once in a lifetime.

“How have been, boy?” Boy Tag asked me. I have not been doing badly. I asked if he cared for a drink but he quickly refuted. He later told me that his dad is the owner of that cafeteria; he said if all goes well after graduation he may like to take over the cafeteria. I was in utmost awe could this leopard be changing his black spots, I said to myself.

Boy Tag later asked me for Alice he jokingly asked if someone had taken Alice away from me. I am adept at falling head over heels in love I don’t allow someone rides on my horse while I’m still alive. I said to him we laughed about it and later waved bye to each other after he had instructed the waitress to give me a takeaway package. Later at night before going to bed I made a call to Mommy Fatmata to make sure that Alice was doing okay after her convincing assurance, I had a goodnight’s sleep the next thing I heard was my annoying alarm clock. I got up and take an express bath I had a cup of tea before going down to Low-cost Market to buy fish and other ingredients to prepare pepper soup for Alice before going to the hospital. I actually don’t know how to show her that I love her so dearly; I just wanted to do extraordinary things for her before she could discharge from the hospital. The next thing I saw myself doing after I went home was going to YouTube and searches “how to prepare pepper soup” cooking is difficult to some extent. Different videos popped up I chose one and started following the instructions after so much of a burden, my pepper soup finally makes sense. I dished the soup in a white cooler and locked it firmly and put it in a black bag. I pray for the last time before leaving the house. I break a taxi and the next place I saw myself was at Connaught Hospital. I paid the driver and aligned the car. Though it wasn’t a visiting hour I had established a good relationship with the gatekeepers. The gatekeepers wasted no time in opening the gate as soon as they saw me, I walked passed them and rushed straight to Alice’s ward. I met her sleeping and I pecked her, she slightly opened her eyes look what I brought for you I said to her she smiles and hugged me and whispered to me “thank you”. She told me her mom was washing after I asked her. She also assured me that she is feeling much better than before. She cautioned me not to ever fight in a hospital because it’s awkward to disturb patients especially those in life-supporting machines. I nodded in agreement. She requested that I should first go and ask for forgiveness before she could taste my soup. Something must kill a man, what is there left to be done for lovers? After all my grandfather once told me he used to travel eight miles per night just to waved and winked at my grandmother. Today I am an offspring his selfless endeavor. I have seen lovers donating their eyes or hearts to save their loved ones. So for me to build an already broken bridge for the happiness of my Alice I have got nothing to lose. I told her if this is what will make her happy I was ready to do it repeatedly. She smiled and I cannot stop beaming seeing such a beauty keeps smiling. I got up from the bed as all eyes on me. I planted a kiss on her forehead and left the ward. I walked as fast as me and knocked on the doctor’s office door. The doctor requested for me to get in I did with no time wasted. Good morning, sir. I greeted the doctor he took of his transparent glasses and took a second glance at me.

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