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Khadison  Maada Duwai Awarded Best New Act At The National Film Awards

Khadison Augustine Maada Duwai
Winner of the best act role National Film awards

Khadison  Maada Duwai Awarded Best New Act At The National Film Awards


Young Sierra Leonean  multi talented actor, gospel minister and vocalist, inspiring many with his sensational voice and character, Khadison  Maada Duwai has been awarded Best New Act at the first ever National Film Awards organized by the National Film Awards at the Africa Young Voices Media Empire auditorium.

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Khadison is a multi talented gospel minister and vocalist, inspiring many with his sensational voice and character.
He is one of Sierra Leone’s finest Vocalists.
Consequently qualifying for MTN Project Fame West Africa Competition (season 7).
A final year LAW student at the Fourah Bay College USL (at the time of this writing | 2019).

He is involved in numerous projects:

  • He is a voice coach at the Vocal Drift Inspire solo singing competition.
    (Sierra Leone’s first reality TV show)
  • Proprietor and Founder of “OVERTONE Gospel Music Brand“.
  • He runs a gospel musical project called “COVERS by KHADISON DUWAI“.
    (focused on reproducing covers of gospel songs from around Africa and the world at large.)

As an artist, he has released singles and also collaborated with high profile artists.


The multi-talented visionary has been accustomed to awards from an early age, hence a few mentioned here:

  • High School’s got Talent – Singing Competition | Winner – 2011
  • The Praisers for Christ – Singing Competition | Winner – 2012
  • Spring Alive West Africa “my spring” drawing competition | 1st place – 2012
  • National Commission for Democracy – Singing Competition | Winner – 2012
  • National Youth Gospel Musical XPO | Winner – 2013
  • The Sierra Leone Fashion Week – SL’s youngest fashion designer – 2014
  • Sierra Leone National Gospel Music awards – Nominee for the best gospel vocalist 2016

Khadison has performed with top Sierra Leonean artist on national occasions.
Most noteworthy, “The Presidential Inauguration Ceremony” in 2018.
Furthermore, he also played host on national reality TV shows.
The most recent “XMAS Surprise” live on AYV TV,
in 2018 to mark the festive Season.
The show was in partnership with the “SUNDAY Show” and also “Sinewaves Studios”.
Full video content of the TV show XMAS Surprise is also available on Overtone SL ‘s YouTube page.

His desire to make positive impact consequently drove him to another project geared towards inspiring success.
His Gospel Brand (OVERTONE) recently completed its Professional Christian Modelling Portfolio.
A Portfolio which is now featured in an ONLINE Modelling Showcase.
This was initiated by OVERTONE,
certainly to inspire Christian Youths to Pursue Fashion as a talent in the church.

Even more; to support the national campaign to end Sexual Violence against Girls and Womenas a result,
Khadison dedicated his Entire online Modelling Showcase towards the same agenda.

“A man’s talent makes ways for him”.
There’s no limit to how far this young talent can go.

Source: muslyrics


The Naitonal Films Awards (NFA)  was founded by Idrissa Barry Jalloh  to annually recognize excellence among professionals and non-professionals who have contributed to the Sierra Leone film industry. NFA also facilitates the development and showcases the social relevance of Sierra Leone cinema from filmmakers across the globe. NFA is an annual celebration of the brightest and the best in Sierra Leone movie. It is the biggest gathering of movie makers across the country and the Diaspora. The awards aimed at honoring and promoting excellence in the Sierra Leone movie industry as well as uniting Sierra Leoneans through arts and culture.  It celebrates excellence in the Sierra Leone Movie industry.  NFA also encourages professionalism in filmmaking and also offers professional development and networking opportunities. The award presentation will be attended by numerous media representatives, celebrities, politicians, journalists, actresses, and actors from all across the world. The NFA Awards are widely considered to be Sierra Leone’s most important film event and the most prestigious award in Sierra Leone.



About the Founder the National Films Awards Idrissa Barry Jalloh Recognizing Filmmakers: How 25-Year-Old Sierra Leonean Filmmaker Idrissa Barry Jalloh Is Taking The Lead.

Sylvester Bangura


Sallu Kamuskay

Sallu Kamuskay is a Sierra Leonean activist, storyteller, and blogger. He was born in Sierra Leone but later relocated to Guinea as a refugee because of the war in his country. Sallu Kamuskay uses his phone to engage on social media, under the name ‘’Salone Messenger’. He Co-Founded the Salone Messenger platform after his experience of the war, Ebola, and injustices. According to him, silence was the root cause of war, and of many social injustices, we continue to face as a nation. In 2013, during the Ebola crisis, Sallu Kamuskay took the risk and volunteered to fight Ebola. He spent some months in both safe and unsafe places; helping the victims and telling their sad stories. The election in 2018, left a divided country with communities fighting on tribal lines. This inspired Sallu Kamuskay to serve as the coordinator of the United Sierra Leone peace concert, which was organized in 4 major parts of the country, targeting violent communities and troubled youth. Sallu Kamuskay led a group of entertainers, activists, and organizations across the country on a peace tour, a program supported by the European Union, United Sierra Leone, Africa Union, ECOWAS, and the Messeh Leone Trust. Sallu Kamuakay has also served as a staff writer for the Hidden Voices Magazine. Over the years, Sallu Kamuskay has been using his Techno phone to be able to tell stories, the phone he used to tell the story of Gbessay during Ebola who was admitted at one of the Ebola treatment centers after rumors that she had Ebola when the actual sickness was ulcer, she was almost abandoned at the treatment canter with no medication provided to her. She could have died. Sallu told the story via social media and was able to secure funding from the United Sierra Leone to buy her medication and advocated for her. She was later discharged and taken home, He did the same to a patient that died and was abandoned in the street, Sallu Kamuskay used his phone and shared the message across, the corps was later taken and buried. It could have been more disaster without his voice. The story of late America Stress 3-year-old daughter. The hero’s daughter was abandon after his father's death. He shared her sad story and was able to get a sister who has taken the child as her own and is currently providing her with educational support. The article of America Stress can be read on the link below Sallu Kamuskay feels the stories of Gbessay, America stress and that of many others need to be told. The media house we have cannot better tell these stories, they are better reporters than telling human interest stories. He created the Salone Messenger platform and brought together passionate storytellers to be able to tell these compelling stories.

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