IWD 2022 Impacful Women! Meet Madam Saibatu Mansaray : CEO of The Mansaray Foundation

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IWD 2022 Impacful Women! Meet Madam Saibatu Mansaray : CEO of The Mansaray Foundation

Meet Madam Saibatu Mansaray , who made it among the 12 impactful women on International Women’s Day -2022. The impactful women initiative (IWI) spotlights women referred to as strong women, who are recognized to have passion to uplift others.

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The IWI only considers women outside government positions who are either pioneering a just cause or are sharing the little wealth they have to impact others.

Madam Manasary is a Sierra Leonean Muslimah who is the Founder and CEO of The Mansaray Foundation. She is recognized for her philanthropic heart in supporting youth and women across Sierra Leone.

In 2021, she embarked on numerous activities ranging from women’s health, youth and women’s empowerment, and faith efforts.

Madam Saibatu Mansaray believes and actively showcases that women’s health and empowerment needs a collective attention. She has undertaken massive health reform programmes geared towards reducing maternal mortality in rural Makeni with her foundation taking the lead.
She embarked on raising awareness and calling to action on the need to empower women at all levels through seminars she facilitated and also on the Africa Young Voices (AYV) radio programme she hosts.
Madam Saibatu Mansaray also embarked on dawah (call to Allah) efforts which to her is the most important work in her life. As a hijabi who is uncompromisingly particular about modesty, she embarked on raising awareness on the importance of modesty in Islam and calling others to Allah. She served as guest speaker in many Islamic functions to propagate the virtues of Islam and call others to Allah and also take the Hijab as a way of life. She also hosted the Hikmah Show on Voice of Islam radio where critical Islamic topics were discussed.

Madam Saibatu Mansaray equally participated in youth programmes where she served numerously as a training facilitator and a speaker. She also patronized with orphanage homes by providing them with basic food and non food items as a way of helping the marginalized and underprivileged in society.

Madam Saibatu Mansaray also extended her humanitarian gesture to the Sierra Leone Correctional Service.

Because of her giving spirit and passion to help others, SWSL recognizes her as one of the 12 impactful women.
In her own words, impact is “To our girls out there questioning themselves on who or what they want to be when they grow up, I strive everyday to be a role model and inspiration to every girl giving her what I didn’t have as a girl”.
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To be recognized as an impactful woman, a woman has to live for others and make time for others. And such a woman should not hold government position in society.

We celebrate you Madam Saibatu Mansaray


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