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Homeless Children

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By: Abubakarr Momoh Sesay & Hawa Humunatu Kuyateh

They are homeless!
They live on the streets of cities, towns and villages,
Dwellings and wastelands have become their livelihood for ages,
They strive for food,
for we have no memory of childhood.
Argony has stolen the fruit of our destiny,
we have no option,
but forced to leave home and beg at every intersection.

We are thrown-away children!
Roaming around the streets with fright,
rivers of street we sleep on the pavement at night.
My soul is hardened,
physical and emotional abuse is hell of a burdened.
We ask for your help and protection,
all we get in return is neglection.

What a calamity?
Our sisters are been raped,
refuse to acknowledge them as street children,
but liken them to prostitution.
Hunger and wearing the same clothes for several days has become a routine.
Should we seat down and allow this menace to kill us all?
Hell no!
The future seeks a brighter tomorrow.

Homeless children!
They have lived in bondage,
their body and soul seek courage,
they have tasted the bitterness of this cruel world.
No one to feed them,
but with a begging bowl on their hand,
they strive to feed themselves.
No one to wipe their tears!
the street has installed fears.
No one cares about their well-being!
forgetting that they are also human beings.

They are homeless!
We ignore them and care less,
we choose not to listen to their stories,
they should be our worries.
Stop calling them trouble makers and thieves,
they also want relief
They need shelter not a unfinished buildings,
days and nights we feel oppressed,
your parting words only make them feel obsessed.
Let give them the right of being children.

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