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Reading: Young Sierra Leonean Hindolo Isreal Bassie Faces Discrimination, Forced Marriage, and Threats for Being LGBTQ+
Reading: Young Sierra Leonean Hindolo Isreal Bassie Faces Discrimination, Forced Marriage, and Threats for Being LGBTQ+

Young Sierra Leonean Hindolo Isreal Bassie Faces Discrimination, Forced Marriage, and Threats for Being LGBTQ+

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Beresford Benjamin
By Beresford Benjamin 5 Min Read
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In a tragic tale of discrimination and persecution, 22-year-old Sierra Leonean Hindolo Isreal Bassie shared his experience with us on how he was compelled to flee his homeland due to societal rejection and threats against his life. His journey sheds light on the harsh realities faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in communities where acceptance remains elusive.

Bassie’s struggles began during his time at CKC Bo, a boarding school, where he formed a romantic connection with a fellow student named Alfred. Unfortunately, their relationship faced severe backlash when discovered in an intimate moment by classmates. The ensuing discrimination and isolation forced Bassie to abandon his education and relocate to Freetown in search of a more accepting environment.

The challenges mounted as Bassie, grappling with a rare disorder causing breast growth, became a target for ridicule and derogatory remarks. The societal stigma associated with his perceived sexual orientation compounded his suffering, leading to profound frustration and depression.

Returning to his family’s residence in Ascension Town, Freetown, Bassie hoped for solace but was met with staunch opposition from his father, a preacher. Upon returning to Freetown, Bassie met another lover, Edward, and started bringing him to his family home as a friend until one day he was caught by his sister making out with Edward.


Bassie narrated that he faced not only familial wrath but also threats on his life. After receiving severe threats from his family, Bassie decided to report the incident to the police, which ultimately proved futile, as prevailing societal biases against homosexuality hindered any meaningful intervention.

Under immense pressure, Bassie narrated that his parents coerced him into an unwanted marriage, alleging a night where he was drugged, resulting in an unconscious encounter with a woman and an unintended pregnancy. Despite the forced union and the birth of a child, Bassie said his heart remained with Edward his gay partner, which sparked clandestine meetings that only heightened the threats from his father.

Fearing for his life, Bassis was left with no choice but to escape with Edward. Seeking refuge in neighboring Guinea, they faced strong condemnation from the community they were staying in, as it was a predominantly Muslim community. Bassie and his partner, Edward, expressed that they felt they had “run from the frying pan into the fire.” They couldn’t handle the rejection and depression in Guinea and decided to return to Freetown.

Upon returning to Freetown, a very small city, Bassie’s family discovered that he had returned with his partner, Edward. They began to hunt for him to capture him. After discovering this, Bassie mentioned that they went into hiding and had to stay indoors for the rest of the day, fearing being caught. Unfortunately, this proved futile as he was caught one day on his way to buy foodstuff, and his father framed him to the police, claiming he had stolen things. Sadly, he was locked up for 2 months, after which he was granted bail. His father visited him in jail and told him that he would only let them release him if he stopped being gay.
Bassie accepted, just because he wanted to get out of jail. After he was released on bail, he went into hiding again, stating that being gay was his way of life and he would not change that for anyone.

In the heartbreaking saga of forced displacement due to homophobic discrimination, individuals often find themselves compelled to flee their countries or communities in search of safety and acceptance

Bassie’s journey reflects the desperate measures individuals may take to escape persecution based on their sexual orientation.

As the global community grapples with issues of LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance, Bassie’s story serves as a compelling testament to the resilience of individuals striving for a life free from discrimination and persecution. His narrative adds a spicy layer to the discourse, underscoring the urgency for provocative and courageous conversations on inclusivity and acceptance across societies worldwide. It’s a call to spice up the dialogue, challenging norms and fostering a more vibrant understanding of diverse identities.

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