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Help Fund Michael Bengah To Pursue His Masters In Public Financial Management

Michael Bengah is a first-generation college student from Sierra Leone. He recently got his BBA in Accounting and has always harboured the ambition of pursuing the highest possible education and he feels by having a bachelor’s degree, he has accomplished the first step of his journey. He recently got accepted to Clark University for a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Public Financial Management and was offered a 30% scholarship. He created a GoFundMe to raise the remaining 70%, in the hope of reaching his goal of postgraduate study.

 After graduation in 2019, Michael Bengah got a job as a Staff Accountant for a Real Estate company in New York. He was able to save $16,000 to pay for his first year of graduate school. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he eventually lost his job because of the temporary hold on H1B Visas. The $16,000 he saved plus the 30% scholarship from Clark University will cover his tuition for his first year of graduate studies. He plan on raising  $11,500 so he can cover the remaining tuition and fees. The $8,000 will go towards his 3rd semester, and the remaining $3,500 towards his final semester.

Michael Bengah was fortunate enough to receive the most financial aid possible on merit, but he has no additional avenue to get funds. As an international student, Michael Bengah cannot have a full-time job while in school. He will appreciate whatever amount you decide to offer as he will not be able to pursue his dream without your help. His Venmo is @Bengah, CashApp is $Bengah, and my Paypal is [email redacted]. 

‘’I just finished my first semester, and I did a really good job in achieving a perfect grade point of 4.0.’’

    Thank you in advance. God bless you.

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