Former War Victim Share Graduation Photos, Social Media Users React.

Abass Sesay was child during the Sierra Leone civil war, like many children, When he was 3 years old, he heard shot. His grand mum was killed and as for him, both body sides and right arm ware shot. He was saved but lost his arm.
During an interview, he was asked if he had grudge toward to the person who shot him and the person who caused war ?
“No, I haven’t. I can forgive them, however I can’t forget war. I have a symbol of the war on my right arm.”

Like many, Abass Sesay didn’t give up, after the war, he enrol in university to further his education. He was among those that recently graduated from the University of Sierra Leone. He shared a post that got the attention of social media users across the country reacting to the post

“A piece dedicated to all who feels Despair and Afraid.

Masters of War.

Bore under the darkness that awakes the shadows of the night laid a little boy on the arms of his mother who had loved him even before his heart was formed, hands with the tenderness that can lay all the chaos of the world to rest, her mind became a cathedral giving thanks and praises for such a beautiful boy. “Abass” she whispered my name to echo the land she loves.

Mama, so happy to see her little toddler tipping his toes, learning to say his first words, his mindset afree, it could journey beyond the edge of the earth. But then, the horror came. Masters of War, With their shackles mentality cuff in chains they came bringing horror at our doorsteps, set into display their art of chaos, they use booms and explosives to rain down colorful terror, you came killing dreams for what?


Well, here is the real cost of the “Blood Diamond Sierra Leone.” I find myself hiding in my own little space, alone and afraid to look at myself in the face, I lose a hand to this senseless war but Mama loose far worse; her Husband and mother were killed, as if it was not enough she was stripped of her confidence, Esteem devours, Mama was raped. No wonder she suffers this mood swing, for I can but only imagine how much pain she disguises so well just to give a little hope to her dimming star, once this beauty the moment she saw me breath.

Truth is, though I have been casualties in many battles even after the war, I was never angry nor afraid to become who I was meant to be. Like a nightmare they invaded my dreams and even though I slumber in my sleep I still have to hold on to these dreams for they told me change was coming and eventually it did.” He said

Social media users including celebrity took on social media sharing his post, popular musician and philanpropist Nasser Ayoub said,

“Super proud of this young man. I don’t know him -As a child, his arm was amputated by rebels during the SierraLeone civil war, Yesterday he graduated from university in #SierraLeone— Dont let nothing stop you !”



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Sallu Kamuskay

Sallu Kamuskay is a Sierra Leonean activist, storyteller, and blogger. He was born in Sierra Leone but later relocated to Guinea as a refugee because of the war in his country. Sallu Kamuskay uses his phone to engage on social media, under the name ‘’Salone Messenger’. He Co-Founded the Salone Messenger platform after his experience of the war, Ebola, and injustices. According to him, silence was the root cause of war, and of many social injustices, we continue to face as a nation. In 2013, during the Ebola crisis, Sallu Kamuskay took the risk and volunteered to fight Ebola. He spent some months in both safe and unsafe places; helping the victims and telling their sad stories. The election in 2018, left a divided country with communities fighting on tribal lines. This inspired Sallu Kamuskay to serve as the coordinator of the United Sierra Leone peace concert, which was organized in 4 major parts of the country, targeting violent communities and troubled youth. Sallu Kamuskay led a group of entertainers, activists, and organizations across the country on a peace tour, a program supported by the European Union, United Sierra Leone, Africa Union, ECOWAS, and the Messeh Leone Trust. Sallu Kamuakay has also served as a staff writer for the Hidden Voices Magazine. Over the years, Sallu Kamuskay has been using his Techno phone to be able to tell stories, the phone he used to tell the story of Gbessay during Ebola who was admitted at one of the Ebola treatment centers after rumors that she had Ebola when the actual sickness was ulcer, she was almost abandoned at the treatment canter with no medication provided to her. She could have died. Sallu told the story via social media and was able to secure funding from the United Sierra Leone to buy her medication and advocated for her. She was later discharged and taken home, He did the same to a patient that died and was abandoned in the street, Sallu Kamuskay used his phone and shared the message across, the corps was later taken and buried. It could have been more disaster without his voice. The story of late America Stress 3-year-old daughter. The hero’s daughter was abandon after his father's death. He shared her sad story and was able to get a sister who has taken the child as her own and is currently providing her with educational support. The article of America Stress can be read on the link below Sallu Kamuskay feels the stories of Gbessay, America stress and that of many others need to be told. The media house we have cannot better tell these stories, they are better reporters than telling human interest stories. He created the Salone Messenger platform and brought together passionate storytellers to be able to tell these compelling stories.

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