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Reading: Eddie 441 Kontri Boss Declares For Housemates Salone 2022
Reading: Eddie 441 Kontri Boss Declares For Housemates Salone 2022

Eddie 441 Kontri Boss Declares For Housemates Salone 2022

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Sallu Kamuskay
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Popular Sierra Leonean singer, Eddie 441 Kontri Boss has in Facebook post shown interest for Sierra Leone’s biggest reality tv show Housemates salone, the singer stated three reasons why he declared for the housemates Salone show.

“Press Release:

Greetings Everyone.

I am indicating interest to participate in this year’s Housemate Salone.

The decision to apply is mainly for 2 things:

  1. To reintroduce myself to a wider reach as which is my new brand name.
  2. To strongly talk about the state of the entertainment industry in Sierra Leone, because I believe we need to start dialoguing on this issue for us and mostly future creatives that will come after us.

I believe a platform as such will give me ample time to talk about these issues nationally/internationally and see where the changes may come from.

Please if I eventually make it in to the house, I’d be counting on your support to stay longer for these purposes.

Sierra Leone Entertainment industry is declining at a double quick match and we need to do this together whatever it takes.

Please share this post!”

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Kontri Boss born Edward George Wright hailed from Christian parents from Congo Town in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The name Kontri Boss came about through his popularity in the entertainment industry with collaborations and respect he earned from his peers for his exceptional talent in writing and producing good music. He got involved in music whilst in JSS1, where he most times had to perform in his church for their Children’s Foundation days celebration. He recorded his first song in 2003, called “Be My Wife”, and later released “Broken Promises” which earned him recognition and popularity across the Country. In 2008, he won the KALBOX National Singing Competition and was awarded Le 3,000,000/00 star prize and a record deal

At the formative stages of his career around 2009, he was part of a music Band of four colleagues called 441 which was formed as result of an exceptional performance they displayed at the ZAIN/AIRTEL rebranding and change of management event held at the National Stadium in Freetown. They were mentored and advised by the CEO of LYNX STUDIO at the time Mr. Simeon who coined the name 441 for them, a label they associated themselves with for a while. Since they teamed up, they have produced so many hit songs that gained accolades and recognition across the Country with so many award nominations and winnings. Some of these songs include “Baby its You”, “Uwabiyae Featuring LAJ”, “Party Animal” etc. Kontri Boss named Eddie at the time was the lead vocalist of the group who writes and co-produces most of the songs.

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Early 2019, Kontri Boss travelled to Ghana for exposure and more opportunities to enhance his music career, where he decided to pursue a solo career, interacted with top notch producers and recorded the song E DON TAE featuring a former band mate KONTOFILI. The visuals for this song were shot and edited in Ghana. The decision to go solo is as a result of the current trends and impact Nigerian and Ghanaian music is making across the world, whilst Sierra Leonean music is still stuck within our borders. Kontri Boss feels limited and tied down being part of a group, coupled with absence of requisite systems, limited opportunities back home for upcoming entertainers. He feels compelled to pursue a solo career, solidify his base back home and go out there and explore for more opportunities. He got so many collaborations and has written and produced songs for most of the County’s biggest names earning him the recognition and name “KONTRI BOSS”.

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Prior to his solo career, in 2012 he auditioned four times for the MTN PROJECT FAME singing competition hosted in Nigeria. He was fortunate to be shortlisted to represent Sierra Leone on his fourth attempt where he excelled throughout his stay in that platform until his eviction as he failed to secure the needed votes to take him to the finals. This is largely as a result of the market and population size of Sierra Leone and his low fan base then compared to those representing bigger Countries like Nigeria and Ghana. This platform is unarguably the biggest achievement in his entire music career thus far which makes him earned fans more

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Kontri Boss is determined now more than ever to solidify his fan base back home and reposition himself as an African brand from Sierra Leone who is set to change the narrative for good. Plans are underway to release his debut album and host the second edition of BOSS NATION/ABERDEEN ENTERTAINMENT FESTIVAL 2021.

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