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Reading: Drizillik’s Ashobi Album tops Audiomack music chat
Reading: Drizillik’s Ashobi Album tops Audiomack music chat

Drizillik’s Ashobi Album tops Audiomack music chat

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Actor Idris Elba
Actor Idris Elba

Sierra Leonean ace singer, songwriter and performer Benjamin Menelik George commonly known as Drizillik has begun to set the records straight as his newly released album “Ashobi” has topped Audiomack’s music chats beating Fireboy’s Bandana.

One of the most anticipated projects in the country was released five days ago and the project is already setting the bars high and hitting the expected milestones.

It’s now safe to say that Drizilik is indeed the king of New Skool. Ashobi has become the second studio album and it has complimented the waiting efforts of his fans with this masterpiece which has been in progress since 2021.

The musical genius released his 14-track project to honour several year of nothing but the biggest history to be set by a Sierra Leonean artist.

The star-studded project has major features from both national and international acts such as Idris Elba on “Ashobi”, Team Salut on “Lion”, Sillz 8figure, Flokee on “Said and Done”, MIC on “Empty Bag” Mic Monsta on “Tell”, Mimi Wood on “Opin Yu Yai”, Ramoni on “Popular”.

A few days after it release, the sophomore album is the first album from Sierra Leone to achieve such feat.

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