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Reading: Concerned Citizen Offers Boss LAJ Vital Advice
Reading: Concerned Citizen Offers Boss LAJ Vital Advice

Concerned Citizen Offers Boss LAJ Vital Advice

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Alhaji Amadu Bah aka King boss LAJ , thanks to Allah you are out of prison. You were incarcerated on trumped up charges and you had your signature dreadlocks which was your symbol of popularity in the music industry painfully removed by the orders of Michael Ambrose Sovula , then Inspector General of Police and you are now dining with his successor immediately after your release. Be careful .

Your elder brother Ishmael Bah( Rappish) was also incarcerated for doing nothing. Your fellow artists who went to sympathize with you at the notorious Benghazi detention center were also unlawfully arrested and detained for months.

Most painfully your dad was arrested and locked up on allegations of interfering and tampering with witnesses. The incarceration of your father was what pissed Sierra Leoneans including your fans the most.

You are now a free man on presidential pardon. Sierra Leoneans saw the pomp and pageantry with which the SLPP folks are celebrating your release.

I want to advise you to be very careful with people like Kao Denero and the woman called Fatima Bio. All the conditions presented to you before your release were drafted by them. It is not bad to laugh and play with them, but don’t ever forget what they did to you and your family and most especially your father. Be careful with them.

I want you to go to Guinea and breathe fresh air and put yourself together and see how you can fix up your music career. You are free but you are still in prison because your conscience and thought processes are under the censorship of the government and that was masterminded by Kao Denero and a certain Fatima Bio. Don’t trust that Chernoh Bah fellow, Minister of Information even though he is your Fulla tribesman. He is dangerous.

Don’t venture into recording any song praising the government. If you venture, your career will come to an abrupt end because people are not happy. I will advise you to go to another country most preferably Guinea and fix yourself to revive your career. You were maliciously imprisoned and they want to celebrate your release as if they were sympathetic with you.

Don’t join Kao Denero nor the SLPP in doing anything. I know some of the conditions presented to you are; to work with Kao Denero and support the office of a so- called Fatima Bio, and never to be critical of the government as you have been doing lyrically over the years.

Avoid having dinner with Kao Denero and his cohorts. The propensity to poison you is great. Know that you are the main challenger to Kao in the Sierra Leone music industry and he is never happy about that.

My last advice to you is, don’t join in praise singing the SLPP government as such a move will hurt many Sierra Leoneans including your fans.

Ask yourself these questions:

Did I commit the crimes I was charged with?

Did my father tamper with any witness that led to him being locked up in stinky cells?

Thank you.

A Concern citizen.

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