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Reading: Comedian Selfie Signs Brand Influencer Deal with Faya Energy Drink
Reading: Comedian Selfie Signs Brand Influencer Deal with Faya Energy Drink

Comedian Selfie Signs Brand Influencer Deal with Faya Energy Drink

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Capu sense by Jaaje Horace

Sierra Leonean comedian Selfie, has just signed a brand influencer deal with a popular drink company Faya Energy Drink by capital food. The deal is set to boost the comedian’s profile and increase the drink company’s sales.

Comedian Selfie , who is known for his hilarious skits and stand-up comedy, has a large following on social media platforms such as Facebook.  His comedic content has earned him a loyal fan base, making him an ideal choice for the drink company’s brand influencer.

The drink company, which is known for producing a range of refreshing beverages, is looking to expand its reach and appeal to a younger audience. By partnering with Comedian Selfie, the company hopes to tap into the comedian’s vast network of followers and increase its brand awareness.

The terms of the deal include Comedian Selfie creating content that features the drink company’s products in a positive light. This could include sponsored posts on his social media accounts or appearances in the company’s advertising campaigns.

The partnership between Comedian Selfie  and the Faya Energy Drink drink company is expected to be a mutually beneficial one. The comedian will receive compensation for his services, while the drink company will benefit from increased exposure and sales.

This deal is a testament to the growing influence of social media influencers in today’s marketing landscape in Sierra Leone. With their ability to connect with audiences on a personal level, influencers like Comedian Selfie have become valuable assets for brands looking to reach new customers.

Overall, this partnership between Comedian Selfie and the drink company is an exciting development for both parties. It will be interesting to see how this collaboration evolves and what other opportunities it may bring for the Sierra Leonean comedian in the future..

Selfie announced the signing via his platform, remarking how privileged he feels on being recognized for his work.

“Another wan

I’m now an influencer for the recent and best energy drink in Sierra Leone ”Faya Energy Drink” By Capitol foods.

Now let get to work” he posted

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