Breaking News: The CEO & Founder of Supfrica has stopped using WhatsApp.

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The founder of the fastest messaging app has stopped using WhatsApp indefinitely as he moved all his business transactions to Supfrica.

Alhassan Hafiz Bakarr Kanu has disclosed this days ago. According to him, Supfrica is fast, reliable and it’s mainly built for Africans as it consume less data and can connect on 2g to 5g network with zero glitch to worry about.

Supfrica has amazing features that are suitable for business owners, bloggers and entertainers.

These are some of the features that will enjoy on Supfrica with no errors.

– Supfrica’s voice call and video call is faster, cheaper, and audible.

– You can forward messages to more than 20 contacts at once, unlike WhatsApp.

– With Supfrica, you can create a Supfrica group and add an unlimited number of contacts to your group, unlike WhatsApp

– With Supfrica, you can use 2G, 3G, and 4G perfectly without scrambling when calling voice and video calls.

For Android Users: Download Supfrica on Google play store

IPhone users: Download Supfrica on your app store:


The US-based Sierra Leonean by the name of Hafiz Alhassan Kanu who created the fastest messaging APP that competed with Whatsapp and other messaging APP has disclosed that Supfrica is back with super amazing features like Supfrica Village which allowers users to create community where they can share messages to countless numbers of people.

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As you know Supfrica is 2x faster than other messaging apps, allows up to 500k members in a group, has the ability to make calls in 2g to 5g network, from the village to the city, your calls will always connect and always be clear and important to all our users and other’s. Has the one of a kind and top notch security feature that gives end to end encryption and give total control to the user on how they want there info and data seen, used and stored.

Instant Chat
Have prolonged conversations & Send endless text messages to your friends and family within a flick of your fingers using Supfrica.

Share As You Wish
Send Audio Video Messages when someone you looking for is offline or mad at you or something. Supfrica allows you to send audio, video, location and contact information’s and also you may snap and send your photos.

Create your own Villages with unlimited members and share interesting videos audios and images of any topic which you are much interested. Post regularly, gain attention and earn more subscribers to your Village to become an influenced, King, Queen etc.

Voice and Video Calls
Supfrica allows users to conversation through the in-app voice and video calls for an exciting conversation. It’s a one to one call service option which is developed using a nor of s kind software for a better performance.

Supfrica+: (for a small monthly or yearly fee get these incredible features below)

Supfrica Live: Powered by Livefrica allows you to Stream Live video for your own show, events, church, gatherings and allow your followers and other’s to watch you live.

Supfrica Money: Powered by Moneyfrica, allows you to deposit, withdraw and send money to friends, family, business associates, those you owe and more.

Supfrica Emoji’s/GIFs: teaming up with designers and creators that allows you to express yourself with your culture happenings.

Supfrica Business: (For a low monthly or yearly fee you can connect with our opt in users)
our users can opt in to allow businesses to connect with them, advertise there brand and much more.

More features being added soon.

Supfrica audio: Powered by audiofrica, enjoy to hottest, newest and top music and radio station in and out of Africa.

Supfrica Video: Powered by videofrica, enjoy to hottest, newest and top music videos in and out of Africa.

Supfrica Connect: Powered by africasfaces, connect with millions of people showing there African Faces.

Supfrica Ridesharing: Powered by Ridefrica, connect and get picked up with a touch of a button to take you where you need to go.

Supfrica Booking: Powered by bookingfrica, from hotel, flights, car rentals and more, get it right in your finger tips for your vacation, trip or meetings.

Supfrica Education: Powered by educatefrica, attend and learn from the best teachers and instructors globally for you or your children


The US-based Sierra Leonean by the name of Hafiz Alhassan Kanu  created an app called Supfrica. The app, just like WhatsApp, has all the features that WhatsApp has and even more. One among the things that it has that WhatsApp doesn’t is, it’s 2× faster than WhatsApp and works in remote villages because it built by man who came from remote village that understand the challenges of the internet in certain remote villages. Sending a message on Supfrica is faster than sending a message on WhatsApp. A voice and video call in Africa is of high quality just as WhatsApp. This is the time to embrace our own. It is proudly made by a Sierra Leonean!


The company, Techfrica, which is owned by Mr. Hassan Hafiz Bakarr-Kanu Sr., released the app on Google Play Store on December 11, 2020, with fewer downloads. The App became known to Sierra Leoneans when Salone Messenger break the silence on the 5th of January in a Facebook post which went viral on Facebook and off Facebook. Today, the app has reached over 19,000+ downloads on Google Play Store; making it the fastest app made by a Sierra Leonean to climax that far, and the most talked-about app in Sierra Leone and Africa as a whole.

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