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Reading: Book Review: Dancing around with “The Sex Lives of African Women”.
Reading: Book Review: Dancing around with “The Sex Lives of African Women”.

Book Review: Dancing around with “The Sex Lives of African Women”.

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By Aissatou Bah

Nana Darko Author, activist and social media influencer,Nana Darko is in Sierra Leone as a key-note speaker at the 10th Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights in Freetown. Her new book is, “The Sex Lives of African Women”.


Every human has the inherent right to assume full autonomy over their bodies and how it relates to the world. The Sex Lives of African Women is a one-of-a-kind anthology that embodies this principle. Each story in the anthology centres and celebrates African Women as the protagonists in their individual journeys towards sexual liberation, freedom and healing.

 A polyamorous couple in Senegal, religion and pleasure in Cameroon and Haiti, sex in your 60s and the boundaries of consent. Each story opens a separate universe for us to absorb and contemplate in witty, graceful, vulnerable and powerful ways and after each story, you are left with the feeling that you have been entrusted with a truth more powerful and deep than anything you will ever hear spoken publicly.

 Who is Nana Darko and why are these women then trusting their stories with her? The stories draw on interviews conducted by Nana Darko, over a period of six years with over 30 women of Afro-descent from Africa, Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean.

Nana Darko is a Ghanaian feminist thinker, writer and sex positive advocate with deep experience talking frankly about and curating intimate and safe spaces for African women all over the world to talk and read about sex for her blog, “Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women.”


 Notes for Editors


Freetown, Sierra Leone, 27th June–1st July 2022

 This is the largest ever international conference ever to be hosted in Sierra Leone, welcoming 900 delegates from 41 countries. The goal of the conference is “Accelerating the Elimination of Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Africa”.

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