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Month: September 2022

AYV statement on the passing of Housemates reality TV star Franklyn A.O Gibson

AYV has released the following statement regarding Franklyn A.O Gibson's death: **************

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12-year-old exceptional boy sets to become Engineer as he gains admission to US university

An exceptional kid named Caleb Anderson has gained admission into the Georgia

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Lake Productions CEO Graduates With A Double Master’s Degree

Sierra Leone’s media personality and entertainment executive Alhaji K. Tarawally, better known

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Traditional Folk Singer Fantacee Wiz On The “Role Of Women In Politics & National Development”.

Renowned traditional folk singer, Fantacee Wiz has taken on her social media

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Meet The first-ever blind and deaf Woman to graduate from US university

A 25-year-old Haben Girma has become the first-ever blind and deaf person

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