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Zainab Sheriff exposes politicians, reveals shocking plans if they don’t live up to expectations

Popular Sierra Leonean model and former reality TV star, Zainab Sheriff has in a Facebook post exposes politicians, noting that, they  are like cellphone companies. She further reveals shocking plans if Sierra Leonean politicians don’t live up to expectations

In a recent post by her on social media, Zainab Sheriff advised Sierra Leoneans.

Read what she said.

Political parties are like cellphone companies,  we need them to  run the day to day activities that allows us to make and receive calls.

Now if your calls ain’t going through change the phone campany by replacing the sim and make your call.

You don’t need to be loyal to a phone company and not being able to make your  calls and  do your business.

Also you don’t need to die for a phone company just to keep them in business, that is not your business.

Your business is to make the call that get your business going , you get it?

If the network ain’t good we move.

Our business is to make the phone calls that makes our business and our business is Sierra Leone.

Our politicians are  complacent because they know they can hide under the shelter of their political parties.  They know our weaknesses,  they manipulate it to the death of us then play the blame game.

They know where the power is, the power is the people but the power is now their parties because the people transfer their power to their parties and they run and control their parties with their own interests above all else.


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