Victorious Ladies Development Organisation Send Fifty Street Girls To School.

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Festus Conteh Festus131
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In a bid to compliment the president’s Free Education Scheme the Victorious Ladies Development Organisation (VILDO) has yesterday on the 10th September, 2021 donated school materials (School bags, shoes, uniforms, books and pens) to fifty street girls in Tombo.

Tombo Community is a fishing community and it’s the home to short-lived fishermen and fish mongers who seldom go there to find greener pasture. Most of these people are peripatetic they travel to different places for a better catch. This has placed Tombo in the line of dominance as the home for many orphans and street kids who fend for themselves under critical circumstances.

The Victorious Ladies Development Organisation which is a community-based organization (CBO) has done tremendous things to help salvage the day-to-day conditions of the community. One of the recent was the fundraising event that took place during the unfortunate riot in Tombo they fed over five hundred families during the time these families can’t provide for themselves as they were indoors for complete three days.


The distribution of the school materials event was graced by some dignitaries and they were happy for such an initiative from VILDO.

Amara Kargbo who also served as the chairman of the event said “I am happy for such an initiative coming from these young girls, when some of us were going to school, such opportunities were not around in this community. He assured to support the organisation on all fronts adding that it’s about time Tombo started solving their own problems if they want to see a better community. He donated five hundred thousand leones and promised to do more as he pays keen attention to the undertakings of the organisation.

Kadiatu Conteh the chairperson of the organization said “We always choose vulnerable kids because no one can understand their voices”.

We can’t change the whole world but with our little help, statistically we’re change part of the world. We don’t have much neither donors we use the little we have to make things happen. As for me I was given a second chance to education and I made use of it we also want to give as many chances as possible to these vulnerable girls. She called on NGOs and donors to help them out as their dream is farfetched.

Mohamed F. Kabia who is the keynote speaker of the event applauded the bravery of the organization. He called on the community to place premium respect for education, especially for girl children. He also urged the pupils to have passion for education claiming that education has something to do with money but passion surpasses. He donated a cheque of one million leones and vowed to follow up activities of the organization with meticulous details.

A parent representative, said “I lost my job few years ago and I don’t have the upper hand to send my kids to school, but when Victorious Ladies Development Organisation showed interest to send my child to school I was stocked with indescribable happiness. I pray that God continues to bless them”.

One of the beneficiaries Isatu Conteh “I am happy because today I have bag and school materials to go to school like my colleagues. This is an opportunity I have been looking for I want to say thank you to the aunties (VILDO).

Dr. David Taylor who due to busy schedules didn’t make it to the event but with a firm assurance from his representative as he said “Dr. David Taylor is an academic and so he is very proud of this organisation for such a bold step. He called on the community to respect VILDO than the boats or the wharf. He said Tombo has been known as a fishing company for over decades now but it’s still the same with a slight different in development. He said it’s hight time the community placed more value in human development rather than fishing.

However, Chief Michael K. Benga assured the organisation to help facilitate for an office space at the cooperate building, calling them to stick to their notion and not to divert into politics “We are on a meeting with the other elders to provide an office space for your organisation and it is going to be free of cost only have to pay for maintenance. But my only advice to you is stick to your goal do not divert into politics”. He later open his door for the organisation to call on him as his service to the community is sempiternal.

Other donations were:

Mr. Woodie Bakie Koroma who donated Le 500,000, Mohamed S. Bah donated Le 500,000, Mohamed Salieu Soh donated Le 250,000, Councillor Stevens (Go before) donated Le 200,000.

Mr. Mahmoud Le 500,000 and Mr. David Taylor who is the Deputy Minister of Energy donated a whooping amount of Le 2,500,000. A smattering donations came undisclosed.


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