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Reading: The Other Side of the Story: Boss LA Claims Innocence
Reading: The Other Side of the Story: Boss LA Claims Innocence

The Other Side of the Story: Boss LA Claims Innocence

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Boss LA
Boss LA

Sierra Leone’s Peace Ambassador and HipHop Rapper, Alhaji Amadu Bah, popularly known as King Boss LA has debunked all allegations against him in the Kenema saga on 5th May, 2024, stating that he is innocent.

In an audio, Boss LA explained that they were heading to Kenema from Bo to have a musical concert after the one in Bo on the previous day when they met a truck driver who was not driving into his lane as by traffic rules, and he decided to overtake him and stopped to ask why he was driving recklessly on a busy road disturbing all other vehicles behind him.

“When I reached where the truck was packed, I realized that, most of the vehicles behind him have packed due to the bad driving so, I decided to go up using the step to speak with the driver. I asked him why he was driving like that, but I realized that he is a Fula and don’t talk the krio conveniently. He explained to me that his vehicle is giving him problems as anytime he tries to change the gear the vehicle will be swaging off the lane. Therefore, I decided to talk to the other vehicle drivers to understand with him that the fault was not intentional. I tried to calm them down to be patient with the driver and I advised the driver to pack the vehicle and fix the issue to avoid further problems on the road and we left,” he stated.

He said it was during this time, the mayor met them at the scene and he (Boss LA) never recognized him as the Mayor of Kenema City, who even started coiling down the issue as he has done earlier and the understood themselves well and everyone drove off.

He said, as they drove off few kilometres away, they decided to stop and attend to nature and in the process a bike man came and told them that, the mayor said he is going to wait for them at the check point ahead to get them arrested, “I even asked the boy, who the mayor is and he said the man that I spoke with just now who left with his car. So, I asked him why will the mayor arrest us and he revealed that, he said he got a video of us beating the truck driver and breaking the wind screen. I was surprised to hear that because no violence was perpetrated at the scene,” he stated adding that, they later boarded their vehicles to proceed to Kenema.

Reaching the checkpoint he said, the officers stopped them and he met the mayor explaining an issue to one officer that they should not be given passage into the city and they should be arrested and be imprisoned for beating a driver and breaking his windscreen.
Boss LA furthered, that was the only point of argument between them on clarifications on what actually happened before they reached the checkpoint. He said, as they were on the argument the said alleged beating driver, broken windscreen truck came and they officers were asked to search to ascertain the claims.
He said, they even came closer to the mayor to have the driver explain what actually happened to have things clarified.

“So I decided to ask Mr. Massaquoi the officer to let us pass as we have to meet with our fans for the show, but he said we should wait.” He pointed out
He said as they were waiting on, an officer from the building at the check point (Female Delta) came out and took one of the helmets from the boys that were riding on bike as part of the convoy of Boss LA and took it to their office, adding that the boy asked the officer to return his helmet but the officer refused of which the mayor told them that he is going and they will meet him in town.
He said none of his boys touched the mayor physically or looted his vehicle as alleged, adding that the were allowed to enter the city by the police and reaching the ‘welcome to Kenema’ spot he decided to change and use the ‘Tok N Do’ polo of President Bio as part happiness reaching the city.
He said, they entered the city and did their rally peacefully and about going to their hotel room to rest while they were approached by the AIG who invited them to the station.
“He asked us for several information about our presence in the city and the show and all questions were answered ask asked.” He said adding that as they were there, the mayor entered with some group of about 10boys who met him explaining calmly and they stopped his interview and asked the mayor to explain.

“The mayor was vexed and tempered and even said he must see that we are initiated into the Poro society before he can be happy. He brought medical paper that he was assaulted. I was surprised at the moment,” he stated.
Boss LA revealed that, he has more videos as evidence to the effect and has even apologized to the mayor for any distress or disrespect against him claiming that, they brought OSD officers from Kailahun district to guide him and there were society men outside saying that, anyone of them who comes out will be taken to the bush.
“They took my boys to a different sell and I was locked in a different sell as they threatened to initiate me” he stared.
He said, the statement from the police did not go down well with them because he was never asked to get his own side of the story and maintained that, they are innocent as well as ready to answer to the case at any point and anywhere to clarify their innocence.
He revealed that, the first claim of the mayor was that 18 pieces of diamonds got missing and 24thousand USD which was changed in the release from the police.
He called on President Bio, the vice president, the first lady, the inspector general of police and other related bodies to look into the matter properly, as well as maintaining that, they will appreciate if the police investigate the matter properly to get the fact from it.
The Rapper was apprehended last Sunday night and has been held in police custody for days now after being reported by the Mayor on allegations of Assault and Robbery, among others.
Police reports say the Peace Ambassador is accused of orchestrating an altercation where three of his fans allegedly confronted Kenema City Mayor, Thomas Baio and absconded with valuable items, including fourteen pieces of diamonds and a sum of twenty-four thousand six hundred and ten leones (Le24,610.00) at the Wanjama checkpoint in Kenema.
Regional Commander of the Sierra Leone Police in the East, Andrew Mustapha Kamara said it was alleged that on Sunday 5th May 2024, at 17:30 hours at Jembeh, along the Bo- Kenema Highway, one Alqassimu Balde, a Guinean by nationality who was in control of a Trailer heading for Kenema was assaulted (beaten) by Alhaji Amadu Lamrana Bah (LAJ) and his fans who were coming from Bo to Kenema “to stage a show” at Kenema City Plaza allegedly accusing him of bad driving.
Commander Kamara explained that: “Incidentally, the Mayor of Kenema City, His Worship Mr. Thomas Baio was also coming from the same direction to Kenema. He saw what transpired and had cause to stop and started advising LAJ and his fans about the manner in which the drive was treated. It was alleged that during the course of that, he (the Mayor) was insulted by LAJ and some of his fans and they also insulted his mother.
“It was further alleged that after that encounter, he (the Mayor) drove to Wanjama Checkpoint where he reported that the matter to the Police. When LAJ and his fans arrived at the Checkpoint in the convoy of eight vehicles, they were told to stop by the Police. Thereafter, the Mayor started explaining how he was insulted and disrespected by LAJ and his fans.
“It was again alleged that during the course of that explanation, LAJ went up to him and held him on the “collar” of his shirt and dragged him from under the steering of his vehicle and assaulted him. Furthermore, it was alleged that himself and his mother were again insulted severally by LAJ and some of his fans.
Additionally, it was alleged that three of the said fans entered his vehicle (the Mayor) whilst he (LAJ) was confronting him (the Mayor) and took away valuable items including fourteen (14) pieces of assorted diamonds and the sum of twenty-four thousand, six hundred and ten (Le24,610.00) Leones which were in a small bag.
“It was further alleged that the Police Officers at Wanjama Checkpoint interceded to stop the incident, during the course of which three were assaulted by LAJ and some of his fans. Reports further indicated that one of the three OSD Personnel, PC 21113 Sullay Momodu who was attached to him (LAJ) engaged “corked” his AK47 Rifle in the midst of the crowd at Wanjama Checkpoint.
“The Mayor made reports of Assault, Robbery, etc. whilst the three Police Officers have made reports of assaults. Boss LA and three others have been arrested and are helping in the investigation. The three OSD Personnel are also under investigation for their conducts during the course of the incident”.

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