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Reading: The Journey of Migrant: Temple Run Episode Four, Sarah and her Dream
Reading: The Journey of Migrant: Temple Run Episode Four, Sarah and her Dream

The Journey of Migrant: Temple Run Episode Four, Sarah and her Dream

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The Journey of Migrant: Temple Run Episode Four, Sarah and her Dream

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By: Mohamed Mansaray

The Journey of Migrant: Temple Run Episode Four, Sarah and her Dream

Sarah and her Dream

Culture shock between West to North Africa has been a major issue that affect migrants especially women, indeed West Africa has been over powererd by the western culture which do not match the rest of Africa.

Majority of North Africa are control by Arabia States which makes life style difficult for Migrants from the West Africa.

However Sarah could imagine all this difference for the past two years

In her lonely time during night fall, the desert go colder in a shining moon, Sarah can imagine herself back home as a child,  she grow up in a small city in Sierra Leone and was passionate to be a Barrister.

Every child has a dream when growing up, she ponder for a while, how this dream has been kill  after sitting to her WASCE four times, she couldn’t make it to the university,  even though she made some good grades.

She thought about her classmates and friend Mariam who was fortunate to travel to the United States and now studying Law  Sarah knew she is fr0m a well to do home and her traveling was indeed a regular one to USA.

She imagine Mariam didn’t took a week to get to US and she has almost spent years now on her own journey.

Silent has fallen upon the world, voices of nature have been muted by the shining moon. At first, there was darkness all over as the night keep going so the moon goes for a break, later the moon arrived back to the desert.

At this moment Sarah with tears in her eyes would imagine a world she left behind full of emotion.

As she cry she can hear the sound of music coming to her mind like when her small Bluetooth speaker sang in at the edge of the night and she can catch up with the song “believe me I will share my love with you” she says this repeatedly with tears in her eyes.


This sweet bitter memories comes and go through out.

In her regret, she thought of how she should have listened to her boyfriend who grown up as an entrepreneur but lack the capital to pursue his dream.

Sahar mummy must have received the letter she wrote after all $5000 USD can change a life in her country but there was little hope.

Now the family has already sacrifice all they have to support Sahar in her dream it’s has been years now.


As food get tasteless so the bed get like a rocket to the mother she thought not about the money but the life of her daughter.

This has gone for some time, the mother has already lose hope of getting Sarah back home thinking about whether Sarah can survive the Desert and the Mediterranean Sea.


Migrants as Messenger work shop has helped increase awareness about risk in the journey to Europe vai Ageria and Libya all this awareness messages from different radio stations across the country has increased awareness to the family of irregular Migrant.


Sarah with tears in her eyes has to reimagine all over again that life is not a race after all she chooses to change her own story by working hard to get to Europe and suddenly find herself a life that she never deserve living.

Been from a poor home Sahar was passionate to change her story

Sleepless nights in the dessert must have  bring a lot of memories.

She thought of her relationship she left behind and how the young man is passionate to create a better world using Art and literature.

However, Coersion from China to Africa in between the line has been the major drive to economic inequality as what China accept is what Africa agree.

Sarah has a passion of changing this using Art and Literature to empower children and young people.


This bring me back to ARTBOX System as being agreed by partners as a local solution to Irregular Migration and Africa greatest challenge of economic inequality.


It was already late in the morning, and Sarah didn’t sleep for a whole night.


The silent has been broken by the voices of some beautiful creature as Sarah looking in the dark gloom she can see Alimamy from afar.


Do you agree that Coersion from the West is preventing Africa to reimagine and rebrand using Art and Literature?


Episode 5

Life in Libya



Mohamed Mansaray was born and raised in Sierra Leone, He holds diploma in accounting.  He started his childhood education in Kailahun town and later continue schooling at CPPS Kono at the St. Patrick boys second school koidu. He later further his junior secondary school at the Government Secondary School Bo. Because of his passion for humanity he established a local NGO name Environmental Youth Empowerment Service-SL, (EYES-SL) that engage 15 University students across universities in Sierra Leone to join in the fight against Ebola. Mohamed Mansaray is the Founder and CEO EYES-SL Ambassador at Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation (GGA) State Representative at NCF.  The Environmental Youth Empowerment Services- Sierra Leone (EYES-SL)is a community based, Non-Political and Non-Profit Making that exists to ensure that children, women, and young people live in an equal world free from violence, discrimination, and just world, free from poverty through Empowerment, Sensitization, Advocacy and Research, the organization was established on 15th November 2014 by industrious Sierra Leonean Youth and stakeholders who have the passion to contribute to national development through the formation of the organization, by creating direct impact on the community and the nation at large thus making a positive and desirable change and finding possible solutions that are compatible with the goal of a good society. The approaches gear towards improvement in the areas of Social Protection, Child Protection, Entrepreneurship, Agricultural, health, Education, peace, Good Governance, Climate Change and environmental protection. ARTBOX is a complex with its buildings as a meeting point, its dance square and its garden. It aims to serve all its members of its community without discrimination. It promotes a sustainable life within an inclusive economy through durable and modern green and solar technology, producing state-of-the-art aquaponics agriculture. ARTBOX benefits are free to all community. It reconciles both ecology and social business through the dissemination of skills from the West to Africa – for sustainable technologies; and poverty and health problem. It operates in a typical rural environment of 3.000 citizens from a hub of 1.000 m2 comprising three activity centers: • Culture Center for research and development with a technology lab – including library education services for sustainability strategy; • Entertainment Center providing a designated dance area, plus an exhibition area on photography, experiment area for science and a cinema; • Production Center: social entrepreneurs after initial training will take action using green and modern Technologies for production with ALL the 3.000 citizens

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