Stunned by artist’s portrait of her, Madam Asmaa James Kamara support artist in amazing gesture

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
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Asmaa James Kamara
Photo of David presenting the artwork to Madam Asmaa James Kamara

David Musa Kargbo, a charcoal pencil artist, was stunned to see his favorite radio journalist respond to his work, let alone support him by sharing post on her Facebook page it.

When David, an artist from Sierra Leone, posted his work of his hero online, little did he realize that Asmaa James Kamara would reply, let alone support him and promote his work on her official Facebook page. David Musa Kargbo, a charcoal artist and Henna Designer, said that watching his favorite Radio presenter respond to his work felt like a ‘dream.’ David posted the image and wrote,

” Hello everyone…

My name is David Musa kargbo am an artist and Henna designer too…..

I used charcoal pencils to create a portrait of mrs

Asmaa James kamara, the station manager of 98.1 and founder of black Tuesday movement. I spent 210 hours to put this art work together to celebrate this great woman. My only wish now is to someday meet and present this art work to her….

Pls…. Help me reach her…

+23230528910 WhatsApp…..”

. After  Salone Messenger posted it on their official Facebook page,some people retweeted to boost the visibility of the post, Asmaa James Kamara came across the artwork, which was as good as any black and white photo and replied “Hello David, you are amazing “


Madam Asmaa loved the portrat, She further took on her facebook page to promote the young artist by saying


“Dear David,

I’m in awe of your artwork.

Tenki to una all way send am to be. It’s indeed a beautiful work

David I bow

AJ “

David said it felt surreal that the Journalist and activist had contacted him. ” Thanks… Mrs Asmaa James kamara for your good recommendation….. And thanks everyone for your wonderful comment…. Really much appreciate……..,” he told Salone Messenger. David said a lot had changed in just a couple of seconds. “A few days ago I was just a local artist who loved drawing and would have loved the world to see my work, but I didn’t know it would happen so fast,” he said.

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