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Reading: Meet The Sierra Leonean Man who Developed The First Humanoid Robot in South Africa
Reading: Meet The Sierra Leonean Man who Developed The First Humanoid Robot in South Africa

Meet The Sierra Leonean Man who Developed The First Humanoid Robot in South Africa

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Abdul Malik Tejan-Sie, a Sierra Leonean innovator is making wakes in the South African robotic industry, as he is developing the country’s first humanoid robot.

BBC’s Mohammed Alie reports that, unlike Elon Musk’s prototype robot, which he named Optimus, Abdul Tejan-Sie has started a competition to find a name for his humanoid robot.

“I believe humans have names that people refer to them as, and I would like one to. Can you please suggest a name that is fitting for the first African built humanoid robot?” Abdul stated.

Tejan-Sie’s journey to become Information and Technology and Artificial Intelligence guru is a remarkable one. After arriving in South Africa with the equivalent $3 in his own pocket, he pursued his dream through sheer hard work and determination, they has seen him becoming the founder of the Africa School of Technology, and a developer of the first operational robot in Africa.

“I think it is a proud moment for someone like me all the way from Sierra Leone, living in South Africa and being an African to develop the first operational robot. It is actually not an easy journey, and I feel proud that it was accomplished, and then we got it out there for the public to see,” Tejan-Sie said.

With the many industries, like finance, healthcare and others that are now using Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology as part of their system, Tejan-Sie believes it is important for Africa’s young generation to keep pace with the development.

“The future technology which is the Web 3, Blog 3, the Al, these things will help Africa tremendously, drastically and reducing our poverty rate, maybe more than 50% or 60%,” he said.

Tejan-Sie’s robot is currently able to speak, as well as using other features that incorporate Artificial Intelligence.

He further note that he plans to give back to his home country (Sierra Leone), adding that he has already been in contact with some government officials and young potentials.

“As for Sierra Leone, it is home, and there is no place like home. I am currently in contact with few government officials and people in the education industry, and other young potential Sierra Leoneans as well,” he said.

Tejan-Sie plans to build a new School of Technology in Johannesburg, as he continues to prove to those doubting South Africans that a fellow African can indeed provide a valuable contribution to their country.

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