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Reading: Sierra Leone Police recapture 88-year escapees
Reading: Sierra Leone Police recapture 88-year escapees

Sierra Leone Police recapture 88-year escapees

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Two Escaped Prisoners Serving 88-Year Sentences Recaptured by Sierra Leone Police
Two Escaped Prisoners Serving 88-Year Sentences Recaptured by Sierra Leone Police

The Sierra Leone Police showcased two 88-year imprisonment escapees who were freed during the November 26 coup and captured in a police raid.

A Police officer explained to his colleagues and the media about the capture of Chernor Jalloh aka Fullah Boy and his colleague’s armed rubbers.

He continued to explain how they were captured after looting the house of a man and a woman whose location and names were withheld for privacy in Freetown. He said they stole  2 laptops, 2 phones, a gold chain, marriage ring among other items using a homemade Pistol.

He called on the public to be aware of homemade pistols made in Sierra Leone or Guinea that armed rubbers used in their operation.

He sends a message to the people who are selling these weapons to try and get some information about the people they sell these weapons to, warning them to do it legitimately with registered people rather than rubbers. He warned them that they should not take the Police for granted as every district in the country is now under a division.

He advised buyers of those weapons to go and license them at the Small Arms Department and follow the procedures to have a weapon and that the creators of these weapons should find a way to tell the police about their buyers so that the buyers will be documented by the police.

The Police called on the media to help pass on the information about these creators who are giving weapons to armed rubbers and the businesses that are endangering the lives of other people.

He said that night they went and stole these small items they shot twice and that might have claimed someone’s life. He warns the blacksmiths to make other items apart from the gun as gun making is a bad business.

In the end, he called on the Small Arms Agency to heighten their supervision of gun creators in the country because if they go out they are a danger to the community.

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