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Reading: Sierra Leone High Commission Lends Support to the DIF UK/SL’s Transformative Initiatives!
Reading: Sierra Leone High Commission Lends Support to the DIF UK/SL’s Transformative Initiatives!

Sierra Leone High Commission Lends Support to the DIF UK/SL’s Transformative Initiatives!

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In a strong show of solidarity, the Sierra Leone High Commission demonstrated support for the Disabled International Foundation (DIF UK/SL) during its 23rd Anniversary Celebration & Fundraising Gala/Dinner held at Surrey Docks Fitness and Watersports Centre in Southeast London.

The event showcased the unwavering commitment of DIF UK/SL ( to the laudable government initiatives in Education, Healthcare, and Food Security, thoroughly aligning with His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio’s vision for the nation. The Foundation’s  remarkable track record includes constructing schools, supporting orphanages and healthcare facilities, and initiating agricultural projects to engage youths in their areas of engagement.

Dr. Imambay Kamara, the Director of DIF UK/SL, shared a personal and heartfelt motivation for her charitable work. Growing up with a disabled mother, she intimately understood the daily struggles of persons challenged with disability. This motivated her to devote her time and efforts to making a difference in the lives of others. She described her late mother as “an extremely dedicated and kind-hearted woman” whose legacy fuels Dr. Kamara’s passion for making a positive impact.

Dr Imambay Kamara

Representing H.E. Dr. Morie Manyeh, Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to London, Mr. Winston Yankuba expressed gratitude and admiration for DIF UK/SL and its inspirational director, Dr. Imambay Kamara.

Mr. Yankuba praised the Foundation’s commendable undertakings, describing them as acts of “profound kindness and tangible empowerment”.

In a world where the needs of the disabled can be easily overlooked, Mr. Yankuba emphasized that DIF UK/SL serves as a beacon of compassion and proactive change. He highlighted the symbolic impact of the schools, not only in the provision of education but as representative of  “opportunity and progress” in the face of everyday challenges, exacerbated by a global cost of living crisis.

Mr. Yankuba maintained that the DIF UK/SL Charity organisation “exemplifies the goodness that arises when individuals unite to champion the causes of the most disadvantaged”.

He urged the audience to celebrate both tangible accomplishments and the intangible impact on lives, adding that “kindness knows no borders, and collective efforts can engender hope and create meaningful change beyond the point of initial action”.

Concluding his remarks, Mr. Yankuba underlined that the productive endeavors of DIF UK/SL should inspire everyone “to look beyond themselves, reach out to the overlooked, and become instruments of positive transformation in their own communities and far beyond ”.

Indeed, the exemplary story of DIF UK/SL stands as an encouraging  testament to the potential for meaningful change when compassion and collective action converge to make a positive impact in the lives of people!

Abdulai Braima

Information Attaché

SLHC- London

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