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Reading: Salone’s Chef Renata Celebrates International Fundai Day
Reading: Salone’s Chef Renata Celebrates International Fundai Day

Salone’s Chef Renata Celebrates International Fundai Day

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Salone’s Chef Renata Celebrates International Fundai Day
Salone’s Chef Renata Celebrates International Fundai Day

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Renowned chef Renata from Salone marked International Fundai (Fonio) Day on Thursday, July 27, 2023, by hosting a magnificent celebration.

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Fundai, a mouthwatering grain dish known for its fluffy texture, has long been beloved by West Africans. However, its popularity is now spreading beyond borders, captivating taste buds worldwide.

Known for her culinary prowess, Chef Renata flawlessly prepared four different types of Fundai, each paired with an array of delectable side dishes. Her expertise shone through as she skillfully combined ingredients to create a symphony of flavors.

Take a look at the stunning gallery below to witness the culinary artistry of Chef Renata and her remarkable tribute to International Fundai Day.

Grilled Fish & Fonio Rocket Salad.

Jolof Fonio & calamari + Peas.

Peteteh leaf & Smoked Meat (Plasas).

Fonio & coconut milk pap + mango &figs.

Chef Renata, the renowned founder of Renata’s Afro Fusion Cuisine, discovered her passion for cooking at a young age during her summer vacations in Lunsar, a town in the Northern Province. Inspired by her experiences and the local cuisine, she honed her culinary skills and developed a deep love for the art of cooking.

In addition to her culinary talents, Chef Renata also has a strong passion for music and singing. Her travels around the world have allowed her to meet chefs from various cultural backgrounds, further fueling her fascination with global cuisine.

With her diverse influences and expertise, Chef Renata brings a unique and innovative approach to her cooking. She seamlessly blends flavors and techniques from different cultures, creating dishes that are both delicious and visually stunning.

Whether it’s her mouthwatering fonio dishes or her captivating musical performances, Chef Renata’s talents continue to captivate audiences worldwide. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to create culinary masterpieces have made her a respected figure in the culinary industry.

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