Reactions as Rapper Speedo’o shares freestyle video, reveals plan for his biggest song of the season

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Rapper Sahr Kaimachiande, stage name Speedo’o, a Sierra Leonean-Liberian who is celebrated as Sierra Leone’s fastest rapper has taken to his social media platform to share a freestyle video ahead of the release of what he called his “biggest song of the season”. The singer who celebrated his birthday on the 23rd of October is set to release his biggest project titled Respect.

The singer in a Facebook post encourage Sierra Leoneans to have open minds and embrace talents noting that the country is blessed with so many talents.  “I encourage us all to open our minds and embrace the talents that we have in our country. Too many great talents are going unnoticed and unsupported. Let’s try to change that. ” he stated.

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“Respect” is about to be the biggest song of the season. But before that I’m thinking of dropping a freestyle cover as a gift. Whether you’re a Speedo’o fan or not, you’re going to love it. My promise to my fans and spectators is that every tune you hear from The King Maker from now on will change lives and put a smile on many faces. I encourage us all to open our minds and embrace the talents that we have in our country. Too many great talents are going unnoticed and unsupported. Let’s try to change that. I believe this is my time and I will not let it go to waste. I will use the gift God has blessed me with to touch lives all over Africa and the world. I also believe this is your time…Your time to put your head up, realize your potential and make good use of it. Remember, “nobody wanna show you respect, especially when you’re down and looking depressed…” Once Again, thank you all from your warm wishes. Big shoutout to my superstar sis JellyBee SugarFlow for having the highest birthday likes OnMyDay


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  • Tommy Foday

    Bra ar swear I love dis beat♥️ classic 🔥
    Much love Mr King maker
    STAFA Films 


    We should something when I touch down in Sl
  • K Square Square

    Congratulations bro we are with u.


    Sahr Kaimachiande was born in 23rd Oct 1991 in Kono, koidu. Parents Mr. Saine Kaimachiande And Rebecca Kaimachiande both from Kono district.

    Sahr attended K.S.S (Koidu Secondary School) and completed his Secondary school in Liberia.

    At age 7, he started miming and singing and at the age of 12 he did his first single, a song titled “Want To Be” .

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    At age 17, Sahr collaborated with a group called ” Easy Life ” a musical group founded In kono 2007. His Nicknamed during those days was G.Fro.Fro Mic, Hip Hop Bullet, and African Weezy.

    2005, Sahr traveled to Liberia to visit his grandmother and later came back to Sierra Leone. In 2008 he returned back to Liberia to further his education and musical career.

    In 2013, He started working with former Vice President Son TanTan B, C.E.O of Black Entertainment. His Manager (Orlando ) later changed his name from African Weezy to Speedo’o because of his way of rapping was too fast.

    In 20015, Speedo’o shares stage with BET best Rapper SARKODIE live in Liberia for his first time,which lead to his popularity in Liberia and some part of Africa. He was also nominated that same year for BEST COLLABORATION OF THE YEAR with TANTAN B.

    In 2016, He was nominated again as ARTIST OF THE YEAR AFRICA & BEST COLLABORATION “LMA” Liberia Music Awards. He won all two of the Awards that same year. He has been certificated lots of times for his good work and as the FASTEST RAPPER FOR LIBERIA During his stay in Liberia.

    Speedo’o has traveled to several African countries base on shows and collaborations. He was in a collaboration with FRESH PRINCE (4X4) from Ghana CASH N’OUT from Nigeria ect.

    In 2018, He performed at the ECOFEST Sierra Leone and ECOFEST THE GAMBIA which included 9 nations one night.

    In 2020, the rapper Speedo’o make his way through the music industry in Sierra Leone as the Fastest rapper ever in the industry .

    Speedo’o founded his own label “TOTTM” (Talk Of The Town Movement) in 2017.
    The Rapper Speedo’o is the C.E.O of Talk Of The Town Movement Music

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