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President Bio Hails Pee Cee Holdings

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President Bio Hails Pee Cee Holdings
President Bio Hails Pee Cee Holdings

In a remarkable visit to Pee Cee Agriculture Ltd at Mathen Village, Lokomasama, President Dr. Julius Maada Bio expressed his support and admiration for the agricultural advancements being made by the company.

The event, held on Saturday, April 13, 2024, was graced by the presence of the Chief Minister, Dr. David Moinina Sengeh, and other esteemed dignitaries.

Pee Cee Agriculture Limited, under the visionary leadership of CEO Mahesh Nandwani, has been at the forefront of the national initiative to achieve self-sufficiency in food production. Despite Nandwani’s humility, his efforts to bolster food security in Sierra Leone, as well as in neighboring countries like Senegal and Ivory Coast, have not gone unnoticed..

Hon. Musa Kpaka, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, offered high praise to the local community and chiefs for their role in expanding the farm from 10 to 20 hectares during a critical period of onion shortage. This expansion is a direct reflection of the government’s commitment to the ‘Feed Salone’ project, championed by Pee Cee Holdings.

President Bio highlighted the collaborative efforts between the government, Pee Cee Holdings, and local leaders in fostering a robust agricultural sector. He acknowledged the paramount chiefs’ support and challenged other regional leaders to emulate the successful Lokomasama project.

The President’s visit also served as an opportunity to witness the success of Pee Cee’s initiative to plant onions, which is set to diversify the market with a variety of agricultural products, including oil and soap, within the next two years. President Bio ceremoniously opened the onion harvest and reaffirmed his support for Pee Cee’s upcoming ventures in rice farming.

In his speech, President Bio encouraged all Sierra Leoneans to engage in farming, citing the global economic challenges and the need for food security. He proudly endorsed Pee Cee and sons for their significant contributions to the nation’s agriculture.

Concluding the event, Mahesh Nandwani delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks. He inspired the attendees with a call to action, echoing the President’s message on the importance of farming. Nandwani also reminisced about Sierra Leone’s rich agricultural past in the 1970s, urging the population to return to those prosperous times.

The visit concluded with a tour of the Pee Cee Agriculture Farm and a symbolic harvesting ceremony, marking a day of celebration for the strides made in feeding the nation and a brighter future for Sierra Leone’s self-sustainability.

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